Monday, August 22, 2011

West coast beach

Yesterday morning Nature was making hot, wet air. I spent much time lying on the cool floor and panting.

But then sometime after lunch, my people packed up my crate-den and asked me to hop into Truck. Truck drove for a very long time. It went down many windy roads which made my tummy feel funny.

When Truck finally stopped, it was fall. Nature was making rain and fog and wind.

We are staying in a borrowed house. The house makes me nervous, but the good thing is that it is very close to a special beach.

My people tell me this is a real west coast beach. There are many smells on the rocks, and big loud waves.

Today Nature is making fog and rain again, but it is quite warm. My people have taken me for three walks so far. They tell me that tomorrow we will go explore another beach. In the meantime I am resting on the floor and drying my wet fur.

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