Thursday, August 4, 2011

My surprise

All morning the people were telling me that they were going to bring me a surprise. I waited, but it didn't come.

Then I started getting worried. One of my dog friends at Park told me that his people brought him a surprise, and it was a yappy annoying puppy.

Then the people left. I had a bone. I ate my bone and wondered about my surprise.

When the people came back, they had my surprise with them. But it wasn't a yappy annoying puppy. It was a really good surprise!

It was RAVEN!!

I bounced up and down and made whine noises and pushed into her body... oh please oh please oh please play with me!

Raven was a little worried. She doesn't usually go places without her people.

So I took her on a tour of my house with my people. They had treats for her. Then we got in the car and went to Beach!

Raven made good friends with my littlest person.

After Beach I thought Raven would go home like she usually does, but she didn't. She stayed with us!

We shared dinner. Then the people took us to Park. Then we hung out in the yard. Now it's night and almost bed time and Raven is still here!

I'm very sleepy. Raven is too, but she's having a hard time sleeping. She doesn't like the cats. Jack keeps trying to rub on her body. This is very scary for her. I tried to tell her that it's okay, but she's still worried.

I think this is what my littlest person calls "sleep over". My people are trying hard to make her feel safe, just like they do with the little people friends that come to stay.

I wonder where we will sleep tonight? Will we share my crate-den? It's a little small...

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