Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tongue failure

The people tease me. There is yummy milk in the bottom of this glass but I cannot reach it.

Why do the people tease me? Why do they put yummy milk where my tongue can barely reach?

"Puzzle," they say. "Solve it, Dog," they say.
I do not want to solve the puzzle. I just want the yummy milk.

But wait!

Aha! I am problem-solving-dog! I am clever-dog! I do not need people with their thumbs! I can solve the problem on my own!

Yummy milk...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

People have bad eyes when there is food around

The people have bad eyes. They cannot see very well.

When there is yummy-smelling food on the table, I sit politely beside them to ask for them to share. They have so much food, surely they can give some to me too.

But they never see me.

Sometimes I put my head in their laps. But they still can't see me.

For some reason the only place they can see me is when I am on my mat. Then they call me Good Dog, and then they share the food. So I sit on my mat a lot when there are yummy smells in the kitchen.

Why do people have such bad eyes? Why can they only see me sitting politely when I am on my mat? This is very perplexing.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


This is my friend Whiskey.

She is very gentle. She likes dogs very much. She likes people very much too. And she likes to run and fetch. So I like Whiskey a lot.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My birthday!

Today is my birthday! I am four!

This means that I have had four summers with my people. Santa and Rudolph have for me come four times. I have had four winters to chase snowballs. Four times I have watched the orange squashes grow scary faces to glow in the dark. I have grown four winter coats and then taken them off. And I have gone with Nature through all her seasons four times!

Isn't that a lot? I'm very old!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New friend Peanut

I made a new friend tonight named Peanut!

He is from someplace called Taiwan. He is very scared of people, but he likes other dogs very much.

He likes to run and chase and wrestle, just like I do!

Crate-den for the cat named Keisha

The cat named Keisha likes her crate-den.

Even though her crate-den sometimes takes her to terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-place-called-vet, most of the time it is a safe, happy place. I even do Leave It without being asked when she is in her crate-den. I am a Good Dog.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Whew that's better

Nature is making Sunshine and Hot. I have decided it is time to get rid of my winter fur. My person helps with this.

Ahhh, that feels good.

So much better. Isn't my fur lovely?

Monday, May 14, 2012


Nature is making Summer, and hot and dry and wind.

Today I got up early with Momma C. We got in Truck and Truck drove for ever and ever. Finally Truck stopped. When we got out there was the most amazing thing...


Here I am in the snow today.

I pranced and jumped and ran and rolled. The people made snow balls for me to chase. The snow balls broke into little pieces when they hit the hard ground.

My fur got wet from rolling in the snow. This felt nice because Nature was still making Summer and hot.

I'm not sure why Nature got confused, but it was very much fun! Finally I was tired and hot so I lay down under Truck where it was nice and cool.

More snow please!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A very good day

Today was a very good day.

At first when I got out of my crate-den I was worried. Usually I have four days at Office, then three days at home with Momma B. This morning was supposed to be a Momma B day, but it started off like an Office day. All of my people were up early being stressed and busy.

But then things changed. We all got into Car together. Car drove and then stopped. Momma C and my littlest person said "bye" and got out. And then...

Momma B took me to Beach!

Beach was wonderful. Nature was making sun but no wind. Momma B called the air "crisp". There weren't very many other dogs or people, just me and Momma B.

After Beach I had raw-beef-bone while Momma B went away to play with other dogs. I know she played with other dogs because I could smell them when she got home. But Bone was worth it.

Then we got in Car again and went to visit what I thought was a new place. But when I went inside it smelled very familiar. It smelled like other dogs and safe people and family.

My person said that this was where I lived when I was a very little puppy, even before my people became my people!

Momma B says I looked like this. But this can't be me. My ears do not flop like that!

I was very happy to be at this safe-good-place

And then...

We got go for another Walk at Lake!

By the time we got home I was very tired and I slept in my bed. We had dinner. After dinner we got back in Car again. When we got out we were near the ocean, but there were also lots of people-buildings and big metal birds. We walked around in Nature's sun and I smelled the ocean and all of the food people had dropped.

Then I heard my name being called.

It was Momma C! I ran to her and had big-pets.

We all got in Car and went home again. Now I am very tired. Can we go to bed yet?

Monday, May 7, 2012

The dogs are back!

The dogs are back at my Park!

Including, of course, my dog-friend Rosie.

Wheeeee! Fun night!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Beach Day!

Today Nature made WARM. I am not used to warm. My body did not want to go very fast at all.

My person took me down to Beach where Nature was making small-cool-wind. But I still did not want to move very much.

That's okay though, because there were many other dogs and people going past us. I was happy to hang out and sniff the air and watch everyone go by.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mount Doug in Spring means rain, sun and wind

Today Car took us to Mount Doug. Nature was making Spring. There was sunshine and rain, and lots of wind, and then more sunshine, and then more rain.

We did my favourite Walk, which starts with forest and mud and trees and bushes, then goes into rocks to climb (I love climbing!), and then the area that my person calls GarryOakEcosystem, which has lots of grass and moss and flowers. And trees named Garry Oak.

My person made me do the thing called "posing", but she had water and lamb-treat for me so I didn't mind.

Aren't I pretty-dog? I love Mount Doug in the spring!

Friday, May 4, 2012

I keep watch

The cat named Keisha did not come home last night.

This morning my person put me in Car. I was very excited, because Car takes us to fun places. But today Car made a mistake. Car stopped at terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-place-called-vet.

My person took me inside. My whole body started to shake.

Have I mentioned that the place called Vet is Terrible, Horrible, No Good and Very Bad? Bad things happen there. Even when there is yummy food, the bad things are still worse.

They did something to me that I will not tell you about. It was very uncomfortable. But at least it didn't hurt. I was still very scared though. Lots of my fur came out and stuck to my person.

Then my person put me back in Car and gave me Dog Cookie.

She was gone for a long time.

When she came back she had the cat named Keisha in the little crate-den. The cat named Keisha got to come home with us.

However, there is something very strange with the cat named Keisha. She smells funny. She is still wearing the funny collar. And there are funny things on two of her paws.

She is not very happy either. Even though my person keeps telling me to do Leave It, I keep checking on her. I watch her closely to make sure she is going to be okay.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Funny collar

The cat named Keisha has a funny collar.

Last night she went to terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-place-called-Vet. She has been going there a lot recently. I know when she was there because I can smell where she was, and so I stay away from her when she comes home again.

Last night she came home with this funny collar. She didn't like it very much. She kept bumping into things. What a silly design for a collar. You can't even attach a leash to it.

When the cat named Jack saw her with this new collar he puffed up all his fur and his eyes went very big.

This morning the cat named Keisha went away again in her little crate-den. The people said she's going to have something called "surgery".  I wonder what this is? I hope she's okay.