Friday, December 31, 2010

Most boring day ever

This morning it was very, very cold. We got into the truck. We drove for a very long time. I watched out the window. I watched as we passed mountains. I watched as we passed snow. I watched as we passed fields. Any of these places would have been fun to explore. But we didn't stop to explore. We just kept driving.

Now we are home. I am glad to be home, but today was the most boring day ever.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hard snow

I have been told that we're on something called Vacation. On Vacation I get to lie beside the wood stove. My person is around all the time. There is lots of yummy food. I like Vacation.

My people tell me that Vacation is almost over. They are putting things in boxes. Are we going again?

Today the sun came out but the air was very cold. The snow is now very hard. I can mostly walk on top without my paws falling through, although it's bumpy and slippery and hard to walk on.

I can smell interesting things under the snow. These I pounce on and dig up. I like snow!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Slippery surface

Today we got into the truck and drove. When we got out, the snow was very deep. Momma B put on my walking harness and leash and we went down to a very funny place. This place was a trail, but the trail was very, very slippery. My paws slid all over the place. My people put on funny shoes and then they slid very fast along the ice-trail. I ran beside Momma B. I learned that if I stayed in the snow on the edges it was less slippery.

After I learned what I was supposed to do, Momma C told Momma B to take off my leash and harness. So she did. I continued to run along beside Momma B. This was very fun. Momma B could actually keep up with me so we ran fast together.

My littlest person didn't like her fast-slide-shoes. She took them off and put on normal shoes. So then she was like me, slipping along on the ice-trail.

The ice-trail went around and around in circles. We did this many times. We also took breaks and I got to play-bounce in the snow. This was a fun adventure!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Get those squeakies

Here are my new toys and Puffie.

One new toy is not here. It is a white crab and it is still in the living room by my blanket. This new green toy is named "elephant". It has squeakies in each of its feet. I am working hard to make the squeakies stop squeaking. I have already removed one by making a hole with my teeth and taking it out. The other three I am putting between my jaws and biting and biting and biting. Soon my strong teeth will make them stop. In the meantime I am working at this very hard.

Outside the snow is hard and sharp on top, and soft underneath. The sharp top hurts my paws and my legs. I still like to go out and sniff though. The cold snow holds many smells.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Today is Christmas! Last night Santa and Rudolph came! I was sleeping so I didn't hear them. But they came!

This is what Santa brought me!

And this one is from Rudolph. It makes a wonderful noise when I bite on it.

There is another one of those things that look like a tree but smell like plastic here at GrandmaAndGrandpas. All of the paper-boxes under the tree-of-plastic came out. This one is for me!

How do I get inside?

Well, what is it?

Now what are you doing to it? What are "tags"?

Oh, it's mine it's mine! It's green and it squeaks! No, you can't have it. It's mine!

I like this Christmas thing.

I got three squeaky toys and yummy smelling treats in a bag. This Christmas thing is great. Can we do it again tomorrow?

Now I sleep.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

The other night my crate-den was made flat and then it disappeared. The next morning my people asked me to climb into the truck. There was very little space in the truck. I had to curl into a very small ball and put my head on the door handle. There was a lot of stuff in the truck.

We drove. We got on big-thing-on-water-that-vibrates-and-goes-up-and-down. When we got off, we found man-who-plays and my littlest person. We put my littlest person in the truck. She was also very squished. And then we started to drive. We drove for a long time.

Finally we stopped for a break for everyone to pee. Even me. And guess what? There was SNOW! I ran and played. Then we had to get in the truck again.

After a long time the truck parked. When we got out we were at the place called GrandmaAndGrandpas. And there was more snow!

This place is wonderful. There is snow to play in outside and warm places to sleep inside. The only problem is that there are lots of people coming and going. This makes me scared. I growl and bark. My people tell me that it's okay, and they tell me to stop. But I'm really not very sure.

Outside I run. I chase snowballs. I sniff under the snow. This is very much fun!

Whoo-hoo snow!

Now it is time for me to go to bed. My littlest person says that today is Christmas Eve, which means that Santa comes tonight. I told Rudolph that I would go to sleep early and not bark when he lands outside. I am a Good Dog.

Rudolph, come soon!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Something horrible, something wonderful and something Christmas

Last night something horrible happened. My person made me have a bath. I don't like this because the sound is funny in the bathtub, and because I don't like getting my fur all wet. Afterward I was fluffy and damp all night. And I smelled like funny doggy shampoo. This was all very upsetting.

This morning something wonderful happened. We went to Dallas Road Beach. The water was very high and the waves were very large. The wind was quiet and the sun was out, so it felt very warm. I got spray on my fur from the waves.

What do you mean I'm in the way? You want me to move over where?

Up above the beach I met a dog named Andie. She was the same age as me and the same size as me. We had a chase-wrestle-chase game. This was lots of fun.

I keep hearing the people say a word. This word is "Christmas". I'm not entirely sure what this word means, but I think it has something to do with the boxes wrapped in paper that used to be around a tube, and the thing that looks like a tree but smells like plastic. I wrote a letter to my friend Rudolph a little while ago because my littlest person says that it's important to convince Santa that I am a Good Dog. But I'm not sure what Santa, Good Dog, plastic-smell-tree and paper-wrap-box have to do with each other. And now my person tells me that I have found something else for Christmas in this photo. I wonder what it could be?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good Puppy

Last night we visited Guinnie. Guinnie seems to have gotten quite large. Last time I saw her she was much smaller than me. Now she is much bigger. I'm not too sure about this.

Even though she is big, Guinnie is still quite young. I told her a few times that I am the older dog by showing my teeth or giving her a little growl. She listened quite well to me. Once we had all of that sorted out we had fun playing chase her little back yard. After, when all the dogs and people went inside, I showed her how a Good Dog behaves by lying quietly by my people.

Right now she is Good Puppy. Some day soon she will be Good Dog like me.

Today I went to the place called Brentwood with Momma C. I spent time sitting in the truck. I also got to run in the big field. Then we went back to "The Office". There was a lot of food there that smelled really yummy.

When it was almost time to go home, I heard someone come in the door. Katie barked, and then stopped barking, so I knew it was okay. I heard the people voices in the other room. Suddenly I realized that the new voice was familiar. I went out into the big room and there was Momma B! This was very exciting. After greeting her, I put myself between her and the door so she couldn't sneak out without me. But she didn't even try.

Now we are home and I am dozing while I wait for my dinner. Isn't it dinner time yet?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Mt. Doug

Today we went to the forest. My people told me it was part of Mt. Doug, but I had never been there before. I thought I had been everywhere at Mt. Doug.

I had to Sniff to find Momma C twice. The second time was really hard. There was a gravel path, and then these rocks and a hill. The wind was blowing in all different directions so sometimes it seemed like Momma C went in strange places.

On the gravel path I went very slowly. No problem. But the rocks were confusing. Momma C's smell disappeared. I found an older path, so I told Momma B to go that way. Finally she let me, and then I found the new path again, and then I found Momma C! Momma B, you just need to trust me. I will find the missing person!

Momma C had salmon and turkey. Yum.

Oh no! Momma C, where are you going NOW??

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A very interesting day

Today was a boring day, then it was a fun day, and then it was a yummy day.

The day started off with most of my people leaving without me. I was forgotten at home with Momma C, who spent a long time playing with her truck. For some reason she was trying to make it smell less like me. Then the truck wouldn't go. More people came to look, and then it did go again.

We drove, and we got out at the place called MurrayAndHeathers. First I found Momma B's car, then I found my littlest person, and then finally I found Momma B hiding downstairs. I like this place. There was lots of food. Shrimp and cream cheese and salmon.

I went outside to play with Momma B and my littlest person. We played chase-catch-growl games, and then I went sniffing in the forest. I could smell deer, rats, mice, squirrels and raccoons. 

When we went back inside there was roast. Juice from the roast went on my dinner. This was very good.

Momma B wanted me to stay near her, but man-who-feeds kept going into the kitchen, so I kept following. And large pieces of meat kept falling from the sky. It is good to hang out near man-who-feeds.

After the roast went away, the people passed around boxes covered in paper. They made lots of happy noises. I lay on the floor. There was no box with paper for me.

Then the people all squished together in front of the tree. This one is a real tree, not one that smells like plastic. Although I'm not sure why it is inside. It too is covered in lights, balls that might be good to chase, and things that might be good to chew. I'm not sure why they did this squishing thing, but I tried to help. Move a little to the left there...

For some reason they asked me to go lie down on the rug again.

After they finished this squishing game we got into the car and came home. Now I am chewing on my raw hide bone. It was a very interesting day indeed.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sniffing and friends

Today we went back to the wonderful place with the lakes.

The ground was very funny when we first got there. It was cold and hard on top, but warmer and squishy underneath. This was strange to walk on. My person called this funny ground "frost".

Today was Friday Sniffing Day. It was the hardest sniffing ever. I had to cross a road, a field, and even some rocks.

The hardest part was the field. The wind had blown Simon's person's scent all over the place and I lost her track. It took me a while to find it again. Momma B helped, just a little. Although I'm not sure how she knew where Simon's person had walked. I know her nose is nowhere as good as mine.

Here is my friend Brodie. Brodie is big, but he's very gentle and friendly. I like to follow him around.

Here is Molly. She is even bigger than Brodie. I was okay with Molly today until she tried to play with me. She's really, really big. I got scared and made lots of barks. I think she's probably really nice, but I'm just not sure because she's so big and silly.

And here is Simon.

Simon had to find Molly's person. She was hiding behind a big building.

Hey, why are there no pictures of me? I worked really, really hard today. The hardest ever.

Oh well, you know how well I can sniff.

Monday, December 13, 2010

New toy

This new toy appeared tonight. My person tells me that it is from Simon. My person can make its head squeak, but I can't seem to. It does make a rattle sound that is somewhat intriguing, and there's this funny thing on top of his head that I would really like to pull off.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It rains

It rains.

At UVic Dog Park today my feet went gwoosh gwoosh gwoosh gwoosh. My fur got very wet.

I like being here at home, helping with the laundry.

Last night I had a problem. My bone got stuck in my mouth. I put my jaw through the hole in the bone, and then my teeth didn't want to let it go again. Momma C helped me. But then she took my bone away. This was very sad.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sleepy day

Yesterday was a lot of work. Today I am very sleepy. I woke up long enough for a run at Dallas Road. Now I am going back to sleep. Puffie keeps me company while I dream.