Thursday, August 11, 2011


We have been visiting this place called Lake quite a bit.

The people go deep into the water. I stay on shore and watch. The water is nice on my paws, but not on my belly. I do not like to swim.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jacobi,
You might remember me from a visit to a place called Office a long time ago. My mom and your mom talked about boring stuff and I wasn't very well behaved. My name is Lulu - remember me?

I was really brave last night when I heard lots of noise and saw bright lights in the sky. My mom said that some dogs are scared of this thing called Thunder. She said you were visiting this place mom calls K-town and I was worried that you might have been scared last night.

I hope you are okay and were not too scared.

One more thing. The place called Lake is really a fun place once you get used to it. We just came here from Island and I used to be scared of the dark water when my mom went into it but now I know that it is a good place. Try it out...if you want me to show you how just let me know.


Gryphinn said...

Dear Lulu,

I'm not sure dark, deep water is ever a fun thing... Maybe you'll have to show me. Doesn't your belly feel funny when it's wet?

Doggy kisses,