Friday, April 27, 2012

The Escape of Crooked Toe

Today the chicken named Crooked Toe escaped.

Momma C has asked the chickens to stay inside their little cage area (called "chicken run") right now because she has planted seeds in the gardens to make plants. If the chickens go in the garden they like to dig for worms, which makes the seeds upset and then they won't grow. So the chickens need to stay inside.

But today the chicken called Crooked Toe decided to go outside.

Crooked Toe had the whole yard to explore, but she didn't explore it. She stayed very close to her friends. At first I thought this was strange. Why wouldn't she want to see the whole yard? But then I understood, because I like to stay very close to my person. So Crooked Toe wanted to stay close to her pack too.

Also, today there was a rattie in our yard. I saw the rattie, and I decided that I would be like Rat Hunter Dogs Dixie and Brody. I bunched up my body, and then I jumped high into the air. But by the time my front paws landed, the rattie was already gone. This Rat Hunting thing is harder than I thought!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Return of the Rat Hunters

Today the Rat Hunters came back, my dog-friends Brody and Dixie.

Dixie checked the whole yard.

She told Momma C where the ratties had run to, and Momma C put lots of water in those spots. Brody watched in case any ratties came out.

But none did.

Dixie told us that there are no more ratties in our yard.

And Brody agreed. So they went home.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

For Momma C

Momma C, look. Proof. I DO carry friend Ball.

I do not fetch. Okay, maybe once or twice. But it's not really fetching, it's just carrying Ball back to Momma B. I was so happy with my new Ball today that I carried it lots!

New Friends

Today Momma B took me to Park.

I made a new friend named Petra.

Then I made a new Ball friend.

Momma B got me a new Ball! It makes a whooooo noise when it goes through the air. It is also very bouncy.

Nature is making the sun warmer these days. My fur gets hot and my body starts to pant.

My fur is also falling out since I do not need as much any more. This makes my people annoyed, but I am glad my body is getting rid of extra fur. I still had to take lots of breaks in the warm sun.

The grass was cool and felt nice on my body.

New orange-ball-friend was so much fun, and today was a very happy day at my Park!

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Anti-bi-otic", fish smells, and the cat named Keisha

The cat named Keisha is sick. Her body has badness growing in it. I can smell it with my nose. For many weeks the people have been putting medicines into her mouth. They call these "anti-bi-otic".

The cat named Keisha does not like this. She tells them to stop, but they don't. The people tell her it will make her better, but she doesn't believe them. All that happens is that her mouth tastes bad.

Today my person put on my leash and took me for Walk. When we stopped we were at terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-place-called-Vet. My body started to shake. But nothing bad happened to me. The peoples there gave me a piece of food. They gave Momma B a new medicine.

Then we went to park-with-tall-grass-and-trees. Then we walked home.

At home, Momma B brought out the new medicine the people at Vet had given her. It is also called anti-bi-otic. But it is very different. Momma B says the person named Vet made it special for the cat named Keisha.

This new anti-bi-otic smells like fish. Like the beach. Like rotting things.

The smell makes me want to eat it and roll my body in it, and I feel all excited.

I asked Momma B if I could have some too. But she said no. I put my bum on the ground and did Sit to show that I am a Good Dog. I wagged my tail and made a cute face. I did a little-whine to show her how much I wanted it.
But she still said no.

I don't know why. The cat named Keisha doesn't want it. Why can't I have it? This isn't fair.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 04/11/12 More Daffodils

Yes, today is Saturday. Momma B forgot to push "publish" for me. So this post is not so wordless after all...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On the park, play grounds, and daisies

Today I went to the park.

My littlest person was there. Calm-gentle-friend-of-my-littlest-person came too.

They went to "play ground". For some reason dogs are not allowed in "play ground". I'm not sure why... I like to play!

After a while they came out to play with me.

My littlest person made me pretty by putting a plant on my head. This plant was called "daisy".

Then I found this... Hello there, Stinky Ball!

The little people made it go fast for me.

I carried it back in my mouth. The people made happy noises and gave me a small piece of dry lamb. Then they made Stinky Ball go fast again.

We did this several times. But then I remembered something. I do not fetch. Oops.

After that, the people had to fetch their own ball.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Friends come to play with the ratties

Yesterday something very interesting happened. Dog-friends Brody and Dixie came to my house. They came to play with the ratties.

I understand this, because the ratties are very much fun. But I don't understand why I had to stay in the house. I made big whine-yelp-whine noises to remind the people that they had forgotten about me.

Momma C helped Dixie dig big holes under the chicken-house, until she could fit all the way under.

The people said this:
Dixie flushes, Brody finishes. But Dixie finished some too. 

What does that mean? And why are there fewer ratties today?

Nature makes warm so we do hike

Today Nature is making Warm, so the people decided to visit the place called Mount Doug. My littlest person came, and whenever she comes we go UP instead of around. I like this. Climbing is one of my favourite things. I like going up best.

When the people finally settled, we did Picnic.

This is called a strawberry. It was sweet.

The people also shared tuna-sandwich and cheese.

After Picnic we played games like chase and hide-and-seek. Then we rested in the sun.

Momma B usually carries the big black eye, but today my littlest person took it and pointed it at both of us. Here are photos of me and Momma B together, enjoying the warm sun on our fur.

We all had much fun together today!