Sunday, August 26, 2012

My people

I went for a hike up Mt. Doug with my people. Nature was making Hot so we stopped to drink water. Momma B wanted to take a picture with my youngest person. I pushed in between them. They excuse I have is that their bodies were making shade. But honestly I just wanted to be in the picture. I'm family too!

Friday, August 24, 2012


Today my person and I got "lost".

We went to a new not new place. My person was not familiar with this place, but I knew exactly where we were. I used to go to this place with my dog-sister-of-my-heart-and-body, Raven.

This is a very special place, with old forest and many animals.

But my person did not know the right way.

We followed a path, but then the path went away. We were in the forest. We were "lost".

I knew exactly where we were of course, but my person never listens to me so we wandered around in big circles for a while. This was lots of fun.

Unfortunately, after a while we got "found" again.

My person gave me one of these. It was very sweet. They are berries, and they are black in colour. I wonder what they are called?

This part of the forest floor was very soft. I could smell the animals called deer everywhere around here. I think this might be where they sleep. I tried it out.

I enjoyed this game very much. Can we play "lost" again sometime soon, Momma B?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another beach day and unexpected friends

Today was another Beach day. I thought it was going to be only okay - we went to the same old Beach that we almost always go to, and Nature was making Hot on my fur, and the stones were rolling around under my feet making my paws sore.

I am always happy to be out with my person, but I was also thinking that it would be nice to be at home with a bone lying on the cool floor.

But then suddenly I came across something awesome.



Super-swimmer ball-fetching dog-friend Dixie...

And my best friend in the whole world...


Isn't he dark and hansom? Not very tall though... But just the right height for me. I'm not very tall either.

 We all played together chasing sticks and Balls. And each other.

We all got a little wet, but Dixie was the best swimmer.

She loves her Ball very much.

It was so exciting to find Dog Friends! This was one the best Beach days ever...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Beach Friday!

Beach Fridays are back!

Today started with me, Momma B and my youngest person climbing into Car. When Car stopped, we were at a big field. There were many young people running around chasing balls and kicking them with their big back paws.

I asked if I could play too, but my person said "no". Apparently this game was for people only. This didn't feel very fair. My youngest person got to go chase balls, and I had to stay in Car.

Then Momma B climbed back in, and then Car drove for a little while.

When we stopped, I wondered where we were...

Can I get out now?

I am very happy with Car today, because it brought us to a Beach!

This is even better than chasing a Ball with lots of young people!

Check out the awesome Beach my person found!

Nature was making lots of Beach today. My person calls this "tide is out".

The Beach was covered in wonderfully stinky seaweed and little crawly and swimmy creatures. The birds were very happy looking for breakfast in the stinky, slippery, slimy seaweed.

Isn't it wonderful? We live in the best place ever!

It is less Hot today, and Nature is making a cool breeze. Whew.

I love the Beach!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


My person went to the house of the person called Trainer. She went without me, which isn't fair, because that's where Simon lives.

But she didn't play with Simon. Instead she played with dog friend Dixie.

Dog friend Dixie is from a place called Mexico. Her people gave her a home when no one else would.

Dixie is dog-type-terrier. She loves to chase.

And she does the thing called "posing" pretty well too.

When she catches the thing she's chasing, she shakes it until it's dead.

I guess Dixie is kind of fun too...