Saturday, August 31, 2019

What is wrong with Deal Seal Smell? (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

What is wrong with Dead Seal Smell? Why are you objecting so much? I think I smell lovely!!

Monday, August 19, 2019

By tooth and nail (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

Did you know that we get our teeth brushed every day??? We also get our nails done every second day! Our nails are done using the tool called dremel, and our teeth are done using the tool called toothbrush.

We don't hate this, but we don't entirely love it either. We do get lots of treats! So we hold still and participate! Also we are Good Dogs, you know! But we don't entirely love it.

This tooth and nail business seems very important to our person. While she's doing it she mutters things like, "I do not want to pay for dental surgery," and, "You will thank me later when you can still play tug and your teeth don't hurt, and when you can zoom around and your nails don't get caught on things."

So here's the thing! I am pretty okay with my nails getting dremeled, but I am less fond of my teeth being brushed. Cobi is the opposite! She is pretty okay with her teeth being brushed, but is less fond of her nails getting done. So tonight we made a deal! We decided to trade! Here is how we did it!

It started like normal, with our person calling us to "places!" Our places are our mats, and we went very quickly!

Our person gave us a each a taster treat, so we could see what was on the menu tonight. And also because we ran to our places so nicely!

Then she crouched down beside me to do my nails. While our person was doing my nails, the first part of our plan went into place. Cobi did something very crafty! She snuck off into the living room! She did this so quietly and calmly that our person did not call her back places!

Once my nails were done, and after I ate my treats, our person stood up to go to Cobi's mat. This was the tricky part! I had to beat her there! I zoomed over to Cobi's mat and lay down fast!

I think I fooled our person, because she laughed waved the dremel and gave me another treat! Clearly she thought I was Cobi!

And while she was distracted, Cobi snuck back into the kitchen to my place!

Our deal was this: I would get my nails done twice, because I am quite okay with that, and Cobi would get her teeth brushed twice, because she is quite okay with that part! And then we could both skip the part that we didn't like as much! Isn't this a clever plan?

And it started off working perfectly!

But then it failed.

I blame it on Cobi! You see, she lay down beside my mat, instead of on top of it. She says my mat is stinky. She says it is too hot to be on the mat. But I disagree. I think she just messed up. Because clearly we were fooling our person up until then, right?


But because Cobi lay down beside my mat, instead of on top of it, our person figured out that we had switched. This was the only reason our person figured it out, I am sure of it!

Our person called "places!" again, and like Good Dogs we switched back. And Cobi had to have her nails done, and then we both had our teeth done.

It was worth a try, right?

I am Cobi. You will do my nails again. Because I am Cobi....

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Sit pretty?

Is this what they mean by Sit Pretty?

I would like to add that I was very helpful for this picture. Our person indicated the spot, and I hopped up, and I sat right away. I stayed there, and I sat up nice and straight. I am a Good Dog.

Ojo was not helpful like me for this picture. She decided to do tricks. She balance-walked along the back of the log-bench until she fell off. She put her front paws up and kept her back paws on the ground. She put her back paws on the back of the log-bench and her front paws in the seat. She thought just sitting there was boring. So it took us forever to get this picture, and therefore it took us forever to get our cheese.

Next time Ojo could you please just sit???

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Creek Walk

Dear friends,

Yes, we are still here! Our person has been too lazy to carry her big-black-eye-called-camera around, and she's been too lazy to help us tell our stories. But we are doing well and we are still having stories, even if we don't get to share them!

Today I will share the story of our Walk in a Very Beautiful Place.

This is called the Creek Walk. This Walk is where we hop along the stones in a creek, and stop to visit many little ponds. It is where Ojo sniffs out burrowed critters and bounces through the grass. It is where we both do happy zoomies. And it is where I pretend I am a WOLF!, stalking through the wild!

If only our person didn't put the stupid orange harness and loud yellow bear bell on me. That is not very wolf-like. But I can still pretend!

I may have had one small incident...

I was rolling in the grass. It felt wonderful! I rolled and rolled and rolled. And I may have rolled off the edge... Just a little bit...

Ojo may have laughed at me. This was not very nice. She likes to swim. I do not. End of story.

So I found a safer place to roll. This place was so safe and so happy that I could have stayed there forever!

Truly. Can't we just stay here, please? I am like a WOLF taking a summer nap! (Ojo, why are you laughing again?)

Today was a very happy day. Are you having a happy day too?