Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More on Spring

Warm sun on my fur. Long walks (because my person likes the warm sun on her fur too!). Wonderfully cool breezes and wet ocean air. Dampness still in the grass, perfect for rolling.

I like Spring very much!!

And look at my svelte figure! Am I not poetry in motion? Do I not leap and soar majestically?

I love playing in the Spring.

But please note that I am not fetching. I am merely carrying Ball to find a nice place to roll with it in the grass. I do not fetch.

Monday, April 29, 2013


I have not typed on this thing called Blog since Nature was making Winter. Now Nature is making Spring. Clearly I have been very busy. And my people too.

This is me being very busy...

Recently I had a goal. This goal was skinny-dog.

Alright, maybe this was my person's goal, but I began to agree when I no longer wanted to do running-flying-soaring-leap-over-logs anymore. This was because my body was too heavy. I became lolly-gag-dog.

At first I was not sure about the thing called "diet". But it has not been so bad. I only get half-food in my bowl, but the rest follows me around with my person and I get it for things like being nice to small children (this is very kind of me, I know), or for walking away from a Dog who is being rude instead of telling it off with bark-bark-bark.

So this has been okay. I still get Meat at dinner from the people-food, and vegetables too! (I like peas the best.) And the happiest part is that my body is now very light! Today I went running-flying-soaring-leaping over many logs and it was amazing!

Also much hiking helps too. As I said, I have been very busy. And now I am skinny-dog!!