Saturday, August 22, 2020

A happy picture of ME (even though things aren't very happy)

Hi friends, Ojo here.

The people told me to post a the most happy picture of ME that I could find. Here it is.

This picture was from our Walk today. I am happy on Walks. I love Walks!

But the rest of the time I am not as happy. Things are Not Right.

Cobi is gone and I am sad and I am lonely. I have no one to follow around. I have no one to sleep beside. I have no one to do zoomies with in the mornings.

The people know I am sad. They are trying very hard to make things a little better. I get bonus yummies on my dinner. I get extra treats. I get a Kong every night. We're going on extra-long Walks and exploring new places. I even get bonus Walks because I feel most happy on Walks. And I get lots and lots and lots of petting and cuddles.

But things are Not Right. Without Cobi picking the spots I have a hard time deciding where to curl up to nap. Sometimes I even decide to try napping in different places like the middle of the hallway. I don't feel very enthusiastic these days. I don't really want to play. I mostly just watch my people with sad eyes.

I know where Cobi has gone. I was there with my people watching over her when she lay down to sleep in the grass and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. And I know she still comes on Walks with us sometimes. I can feel her with us. I know she watches over me.

But I still miss her and I feel sad.

Monday, August 10, 2020

I am getting ready

Dear friends,

I am getting ready to walk over the rainbow bridge. My body is tired and my tummy feels yucky most of the time. I do not like to eat very much anymore. Not even popcorn.

I am still going on Walks and my people are going very slow when I want to go slow. Sometimes I go faster to sniff something interesting. And I like to sniff the Bad Squirrels that are living under our house. But mostly I just want to sleep.

The people have tried many medicines for me. At first the medicines helped, but now I still feel yucky. Even the new medicines aren't helping, and I don't want to swallow them anymore. My body is very wobbly and my fur has patches where it doesn't grow anymore.

I have had a very good life, but soon it will be time to go. I am twelve years old. I have done agility and nosework and search-and-rescue tracking and treibball and canine freestyle. I get Walks or hikes every day. I have had many adventures in the forest, on mountain tops, at the beach and in the snow. I always come when called, even now. I know how to do many tricks.

And I am tired.

Please do not be sad, friends. I am happy. Right now I am spending time with my people, and soon I will cross the bridge. I am almost ready.

Many years ago my people named me Cobi. I am a Good Dog.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Salal berries! (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here! The salal berries are ripe! I sniff with my nose for the sweetest ones and I pull them off the bushes!

I like to pretend I am a fierce bear eating berries! Rawr! Salal berries are tasty!