Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stolen toy

Cobi's person: On the way home from a walk at Dallas Road we stopped at Pet's Life. We're going to visit a new puppy tonight belonging to some friends, so I was looking for a "new baby" gift. I selected a "stuffingless" raccoon. Jacobi has two of these toys. One is a squirrel, the other is a skunk. She loves them.

So I picked out the raccoon for Guinnie, a 10 week old golden retriever. 

I knew Jacobi would be interested in this toy, so I balled it up and snuck it into the car, with a treat in my other hand as a distraction. I wrapped the toy in my hoodie, and put that under a towel in the front passenger seat. I then popped into another store to buy chicken.

When I returned two minutes later, Jacobi was sitting in her usual place in the back seat, watching me through the window. The towel seemed undisturbed. Good dog.

I got into the car and started driving home. As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot and into traffic I heard SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK from the back seat.

Yes, she had the toy.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cat in bed

This is not me.This is my bed. But this is not me in it.

I don't mind sharing my bed with you. As long as you don't pee on it. I don't like that.

Airplane ears

My people sometimes say that I have airplane ears. I wonder what that means?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home again

Yesterday my den and toys got packed up again and loaded into the truck. Apparently we were heading off again. The weird part was that one of my people went missing. Only two people got into the truck. Littlest of my people, where did you go?

We drove for a long time, then we stopped. We stopped at a very large river. My people told me this was the Fraser River, which is where salmon come from. But I didn't see any salmon. My people wouldn't let me go close to the river, even though I really wanted to check it out. But the good thing is that my missing person was at the river too! So was man-person-who-plays. I wonder how they got from "grandma and grandpa's" to "river that salmon come from"?

While some of my people tried to find salmon in the river, I sat way up high in the grass and dug in the soft earth. The soil felt very nice on my paws, and smelled very interesting too. The grass and flowers were yummy to nibble. Also there were lots of sticks. It was okay staying up there, even though I really wanted to go down to the river.

Then we got in the truck again. We forgot the littlest of my people at the river, along with man-person-who-plays, but my other people didn't seem worried. I hope she's okay.

More driving. I started feeling a bit sick. I was done with driving. Then we drove onto a really big boat which was loud and vibrated a lot. Then I really felt sick. My people left me in the vibrating truck on the vibrating boat while they went somewhere to eat chicken. I knew they ate chicken because I could smell it when they came back. They didn't share any.

Finally we drove off the loud boat that vibrates. I still felt sick. I hoped we'd be done driving soon.

Then a funny thing happened. The truck stopped, and when I got out with my person, we were at The Park. My Park!! I sniffed all over and could smell my friends, even though it was almost dark and the park was empty of dog friends. I did see one dog-friend. Chester greeted me behind his fence. He wanted to play. But I didn't want to play because I was too busy smelling everything that had happened since I left.

Then we walked home.

Home!!! Yay!

Today I still feel very tired. My person started playing with jars again. This time she was putting beans in the them. So I tucked my nose under my paw and went to sleep for a very long time. It's good to be home.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Peaches, salmon and ice cream

Today I ate a piece of peach. It was okay. So I had another piece. I like peaches better in my mouth than falling on my head.

Dinner for the people tonight was salmon. This time some found its way into my bowl. I had a happy dinner. And after dinner there was more ice cream! No goat though. I wonder where the goat was?

My people brought me a very little cone with the ice cream called vanilla and a doggy cookie on top. But who wants a doggy cookie or cone when there's ice cream??

The rest of my day was sleeping on warm pavement, sniffing by a lake, and walking through the tall grass. I could get used to living here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Now we play?

Excuse me, but you're kind of squashing me. Do we play now?


I don't like peaches. When they sit in the truck beside me, they bounce on my head. And today, my people spent too much time playing with peaches and not enough time playing with me. They put the peaches in hot water, they put the peaches in cold water, they peeled them, they sliced them, they put them in jars... and I'm not sure what else because I fell asleep.

What a boring day. I don't like peaches.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chicken vs salmon

Tonight the people cooked a chicken. I tried my cute-eyes-pretty-face, but no chicken made it into my mouth. This was very disappointing.

Dinner came. It was usual. Ho hum. No chicken. I waited to see if any chicken landed in my bowl. It didn't. And then, even worse, dinner went away! It was a sad thing.

Later, dinner came back. I ate it really fast before it went away again.

Then something wonderful happened. Two big, amazing salmon came out of a cooler. Fresh caught someplace called Fraser River this morning.

Have you ever had fish eyeball? Very tasty. Very crunchy. Yes, I'd like another one please!

Salmon is even better than chicken.

And can you see me now?

I like being in the field very much. Can you see me now?

Come out mole

Come out mole... I know you're down there... somewhere...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The dog who doesn't swim

I'll just stay here on the shore and wait. You go ahead.

Petting zoo

Today we bought more of the annoying peaches. Then we went to a place called Petting Zoo. It seemed a lot like a farm to me. I met many new friends.

This was a bumpy cart ride. I didn't like it very much.

But then something wonderful happened - we had ice cream!
Every time we see goats there seems to be ice cream. I wonder why? More goats please!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Can you see me now?

My people call this place "grandma and grandpa's". They also call it "JustOutsidePenticton". I call it place-of-many-smells. I spent much time this morning sniffing mole holes, running through tall grass and chasing crickets.

Can you see me?

Can you see me now?

How about now?

This is fun!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the road again

Yesterday my den got packed up yet again. I wondered where we were going this time?

We spent a long time in the truck, and when we got out we were at the house belonging to Rico. My people say Rico is a standard poodle. He's big but he's very polite. He shared his yard and his food bowl.

I went for a walk with Rico, and then we went to another house. Rico stayed behind. This new house was wonderful. There was salmon. Also there were prawns. Also there was something called Triple A Beef. The people in this wonderful house gave me lots and lots of all these things. Oh, and a bit of cheese also.

Rico's person told me not to tell Rico because Rico didn't get to come to the wonderful house with salmon and prawns and triple A beef and cheese. I felt bad for Rico, but only a little bit because Rico doesn't have to sleep in a crate-den and so he gets to have snacks in the middle of the night.

This morning when I woke up there was more goodness - ham!

After the ham we got in the truck and drove some more. When we stopped for a bit my people left me in the truck, but they were nice enough to leave me something else yummy called beef jerky. They seemed surprised when they returned and it was all gone into my tummy. I guess they were surprised because it was at the bottom of a bag under all sorts of boring stuff like crackers, wrapped up in plastic. They must have been amazed at how clever I was to find it.

Later we drove through some air that was very smoky. My people say this is from the forest fires.

My people stopped to buy some peaches, but this wasn't very nice because I had to share my space with the peaches and they kept rolling on my back. Then they rolled on my head. I don't like peaches.

Finally we got to stop and get out. And guess where we are?!?

We're at the fields-dry-grass-moles-in-holes-snow-in-winter-warm-stove place! There is lots of space to run and lots of dry grass to play in. I can smell coyotes and other dogs, and horses, and also little creatures called moles that live in holes that are the exact right size to put my nose in. I've been here twice before. One other time was in summer, just like now except it was hotter, and tonight there is a scary wind that I don't like. The other time there was lots of snow and warm stove to sleep by after playing in the snow.

I like this place.

Also, some chicken landed in my bowl at dinner.

My people say I am going to get fat. My people say I am going to have "bad gas". My people say the words "no more thanks". But I know how to do cute-eyes-pretty-face really well. When I do this for the new people I meet, they give me yummy things. More meat please!

I really like this place. I hope we stay here for a while.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sharing my den

Hello there, what are you doing in my den?

That's okay, I can share.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why no bone?

Why did you take my bone away? I just got it broken with my strong teeth into many pieces. This took me all day to do. I worked very hard. Why did you take it away? Do you perhaps have another bone for me then?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New game

There is a new game.

The chickens live outside. They get lots to eat, like grains and leftover blueberries. Others like the good things to eat too. The chickens have little birds and rats as visitors. My people don't like the rats. Momma C floods their hole with water and the rats come running out to play. I watch closely, and when a rat runs, I get to chase. This is very pleasing. And so I stand for a long time like this, watching...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lazy summer day

This morning my person took me to the place called Bosley's. It was nice and cool in there. I like going to Bosley's. Whenever I see someone with the black apron on I do a sit really fast and try to look cute. Then they bring me a doggy cookie. Also, it smells really yummy in there. Also, today there were small creatures that smelled like cats, but they were too tiny. They had big ears and little noses. Also, my person always buys me something for the car after we visit there. I like this place.

After the place called Bosley's we went to Mt. Doug. It was early, but it was already getting hot. There were lots of dogs also walking there. I met some really nice dogs, some okay dogs, and one dog who got too much in my face. I had to give that dog a little growl, and then my person helped me to move away.

This afternoon I spent a long time with my bone in the cool grass. Little flying-fuzzy-buzz-buzz creatures kept bothering me, but my person told me not to bite at them. I wonder why?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I am home. At home I can relax. I don't need to listen all the time to protect our little borrowed house. I found my bone outside where I left it, stinkier than ever. I am happy to be home.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Little peoples

I'm not fond of little peoples. They move fast and sometimes they pull on my fur. But this one was okay. He touched very gently. Also he shared his snack.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New friend

I have a new friend. Her name is Ramona. We see each other lots at the beach, and I always watch for her. She is fun to run with.

Loss of privileges

Today Momma B put me in the truck again and asked me to wait. Momma C got home first, but I had to stay in the truck until Momma B got back.

What does Loss of Privileges mean?

Dog in trouble

Yesterday I got in trouble.

The first time I was in trouble I was at the beach with Momma C. She put me on my leash and took me down to the sand, and we started walking on the sand for a long ways. But Momma B wasn't there yet. Momma B is my person. I like to be near Momma B, always. So I turned around and went to find Momma B. When Momma C caught up with me she tied me to a post to wait there for Momma B. I'm not sure why she was so mad; very soon Momma B came and found me by the post. And she came from the direction I was heading. See, I knew where I was going!

The second time I was in trouble was almost the same thing. Momma B asked me to wait for her in the truck, and then walked away. I don't like it when she does this. I worry she may get lost, so I watch very carefully where she goes until she comes back. This time Momma C came back first, so I didn't want to get out of the truck because I was watching for Momma B. But Momma C made me get out.

So I went off to find Momma B. I knew what direction Momma B went, but when I got through the bushes and past the fence, she wasn't there. I got confused. Momma C caught me and she was mad. I rolled on my back to show her that I didn't mean to make her mad. I was just looking for Momma B.

I don't know why Momma B sometimes leaves me. Why can't I go beside her all the time?

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Today we went to a place with many interesting smells. I met Goat and Cow, and a bunch of noses all in a row that my people called piglets. Goat was quite polite.

I was already very pleased by this place called Farm... and then something even more wonderful happened...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Big beach little beach

The sky stopped raining. We went for more walks on the beach. I am a West Coast Dog.
Today I wondered - why is sometimes the beach very big with lots of room to run and lots of sand and pools and puddles and creatures to smell... and sometimes the beach is very small, with lots of water and almost no sand? Why does Nature keep changing the beach?

Today was pleasing. Now I sleep.


Yesterday my person flattened my den again, and I wondered where I was going this time. When we got out of the car, we were at one of my favourite places of all time - the beach called Rathtrevor!

Last night after my dinner the sun was warm and the water was even warmer.

My people played in the water. I played too.

Sand is not good to eat.

Today the sky is making rain. I am mostly sleeping in my crate-den and listening to my people. It's safe and cozy in our little borrowed house, out of the rain.