Friday, August 26, 2011

Not-fetching on big beach

Today I met a dog kind of like me, only bigger. We had a super-fun run-play-chase-wrestle game. Then he drank from the people water fountain. I'm too small to do this. Momma B didn't get any pictures of him, but he was a great friend.

We walked around a little town. I had to wait outside while the people went inside. This was okay because they weren't gone for too long. Also lots of other people came by and told me "nice dog" and gave me pats.

Then we went to another really big beach.

At this beach I had to make a choice. The people read a people-sign that said the beach had Wolf and Cougar on it. I had to either be on Leash, or be close to my people way down away from the forest. This was okay because the beach was pretty nice.

The people brought bouncy-handle-ball. This was lots of fun. I chase-not-fetched. Bouncy-handle-ball is very much fun to run with in my mouth.

Please note that I am not fetching. I do not fetch.

Hey Momma C, what have you found?

There are lots of little living creatures here! Wow!

What were we doing again...?

Oh yeah, bouncy-handle-ball!

Momma C lost something. I think it was something important. The people walked all over looking for it. They asked me to help by doing Find It, but I didn't know what they were looking for. What's "glasses"? So I played on the beach instead.

Whatever it was, Momma C never found it and now she's sad.

At the end of our walk I met another new friend.

I fell asleep in Truck on the way back to our borrowed house. Momma B fed me a big dinner, and now I'm going to go to sleep for the rest of the night.

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