Sunday, December 19, 2021

The Big Wind and the Happy Snow

Hi friends, Ojo here!

We had a Big Storm. With the Big Storm came the Big Wind. I do not like the Big Wind. It makes the whole house shake. I had to hide in my person's bed all night. It was very scary!

But the next day, when I hopped out of my person's bed, I found that there was a lot of happy snow on the ground!

I will forgive the storm for the wind since it brought the perfect amount of happy snow.

What about you, friends? I hope you don't have the big wind. Perhaps you have happy snow?

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Too much snow

Dear friends, I love the snow. But sometimes, when the snow is deeper than my head, I think there is such a thing as Too Much Snow.

Have you ever had too much snow?

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Good Day with a Good Stick in the Good Forest

Hi friends, Ojo here. Today was a Good Day. I found a Good Stick. It was in the Good Forest.

Also it was very foggy and quiet at the Good Lake today. The Good Lake is in the middle of the Good Forest. I had a Very Good Walk.

Not pictured: After our Good Walk we went for a visit to a Good Place with Good People where I got Good Belly Rubs and Good Snacks.

Did I mention that today was a Good Day?

What Good Things happened to you today, friends?