Monday, August 15, 2011


This morning we got in Car who took us for "errands". Then Car drove us past a place I have missed very much while we were in hot-dry-fruit-land. Beach! MY BEACH!!

I made big whine noises and bounced around trying to see out all the windows at once. Oh please please please Car, stop and let me out!

My person made a laugh noise and told Car to park. She opened my door and let me out. I ran as fast I could down the rocks to the water.

Oh my beach, how I have missed you! Stinky, salty, cool breeze... Heron, gull, crow, seaweed... I missed you all!

I ran and ran and ran. I bounced up and down. I sniffed. I waded in the water. (I do not swim.) I ran and bounced some more.

I've missed my beach! I am happy we're home.

Thanks for the beach walk, Momma B.

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Unknown said...

Love the picture of Jacobi flying over the rocks. Pure bliss!