Saturday, November 24, 2012

What is all this stuff?

Tonight, because my littlest person said it was "time", the people brought out all sorts of weird stuff. I poked my nose in all of it, but nothing was very exciting. Apparently though it has to do with the man named Santa, and his friend Rudolph, who sometimes bring me yummy treats.

But I don't get it. What does this have to do with Santa and Rudolph? It doesn't smell like treats. Can anyone explain?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to be a Good Dog

It's that time again. My littlest person tells me that Rudolph (and Santa) are coming soon. The person named Santa will leave toys and treats for my people, and, if I am a Good Dog, his friend Rudolph will leave me something yummy for me.

Last year Rudolph left me "elk bone", "candy cane chew", and "squeaky stuffed crab toy". So I am working very hard again this year to be a Good Dog!

Here I am sitting on my Mat during Dinner. I'm not sure how this qualifies as "good" - wouldn't it be more helpful if I was cleaning up the floor around the messy people? But my person assures me that yes, this is being a Good Dog.

Do Rudolph or Santa ever come for you? And what do you do that makes you a Good Dog? (I need help - this is very important!!)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Park, trees, and my littlest person

Today I went to one of my favourite Parks - Uplands Park! I went with my littlest person. And Momma B, too. But my littlest person was the most fun.

We played "Where is She", which is when my littlest person hides and then I get to use my nose and my eyes to find her.

This was good, except when she went up in a tree. Dogs can't climb trees.

Nature was making Warm, and no-wind-no-rain. We explored and climbed and played lots of games. It was wonderful!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New old friend

Today I met a new old friend.

This is Guinnie! We were friends when she was a little puppy. Then she became busy-adolescent-jumps-too-much, and I didn't really enjoy spending time with her.

But now she is fun-polite chases-ball good-to-hang-out-with friend!

We went for a Walk with her people and mine. There were lots of interesting things to sniff. Nature was making cold, but also sun. There was white crunchy frost in the dark shadow places.

The cold holds the smells very well, and the sun is nice on my fur. So today was a very wonderful day for being out on a Walk.

Hi Guinnie, whatchoo up to?

Hey littlest person of mine - whatchoo up to?

My littlest person can jump high.

This was much fun. I hope I get to Walk again soon with my new old friend Guinnie!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

When I go walking in the Forest...

Sometimes when I go walking in the forest there are leaves on the ground and fog in the air. The ground under my paws is damp, the smells are strong and fresh.

When I go walking in the forest, sometimes I run instead. Sometimes I zoom, I fly like the wind.

And sometimes my person plays with me, and this makes me laugh.

Sometimes when I go walking in the forest the rain falls softly on my fur. Sometimes it falls hard, and sometimes it doesn't fall at all.

Sometimes when I go walking in the forest I hear the skittering of little animals, hiding their food for winter.

Sometimes when I go walking in the forest I listen to these creatures and I imagine that I am a great hunter.

Sometimes I am a wolf, streaking silently through the bushes. Sometimes I am a coyote, bounding up the hill.

And sometimes I am just a Dog, out for a walk with my person on a wonderful fall day.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Does this make you smile?

Some of you have noticed that I am smiling lots in my pictures. Some of you are wondering if I always smile that much?

The truth is that I almost always AM smiling!

This is because I am Rescue Dog. I started off in a Bad Place, but then I got taken to a Happy Foster Place. And then I got taken to My Home. 

With My People.

With walks and bones and balls, with forest and beach and park. With my bed and my bowl and my crate-den. With a warm place to sleep and food in my belly. (Sometimes too much food - the people say I am what they call "fat".) 

With family and dog friends. With training and tricks and "good dog". 

My life is a very happy one.

So I am happy every day, and yes, I smile a lot.

Except when I have to do Bath.

Do smiling Dogs make you smile too?