Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Magic dinner ball

Sometimes my dinner goes into this ball instead of my bowl.

I roll the ball around with my nose. Pieces of food come out. I eat.

Come out, dinner!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

On bones, mountainsides and rolling in dry grass

Last night the people left me alone. Alone with a bone.

I don't mind being alone with a bone. I do mind when they come home and the bone goes away. Why can't the bone and the people be here at the same time?

Today it was very sunny. My person took me to Mt. Doug. We played in the shade of the trees and we climbed a hot, sunny mountainside. It was ever so wonderful.

The grass in the sun is brown-stiff-dry. It feels nice and scratchy when I roll in it. For some reason my person likes aiming big-black-eye at me when I'm rolling. She giggles when she does this. She says I look silly.

I do NOT look silly. Rolling is a very dignified thing for a dog to do.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Evening at the park

The past few days when I've gone to "office" with Momma C we've gone somewhere different. All of the people are there. My bed is there. Katie's bed there. But it is not MY office. It's "new office". I don't like it.

A happier thing is that I had fun at Park tonight. It was very hot, but there were lots of people and dogs. They were eating salmon. I did not beg. I was Good Dog.

Rosie was not Good Dog. She took something called "humous and pita" from a very-little-boy-person. He made big sad noises.

I stayed far away from the people-food. I am Good Dog. Besides, Momma B had lamb in her pocket.

Apparently today is special. Today Nature makes the most sun of all the year. I like lots of sun because it means my people spend lots of time outside.

Tonight at Park my person played a fun game with me in the hot sun. Please note: I am not fetching. I am merely running around with bouncy-handle-ball in my mouth. Sometimes I may drop it by my person, but this is completely accidental.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


This is my new favourite ball game!

Today was a good day.

Working with Momma B

I don't know why Momma B asks me to do these strange things. But good things happen when I do them, like food and play. So I work hard.

Don't worry, Momma B is not hitting me. I am doing "touch". This is where I bonk my nose on Momma B's hand. Do you think we could be in a movie?

I love working with Momma B.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Water droplets from Hose

I'm coming to get you, water droplets from Hose! Rargh!

Got you. Vanquished.