Saturday, January 9, 2021

I like to sleep with Puffie Too who was Cobi's

Hi friends, Ojo here!

When Cobi walked across the rainbow bridge she left all her toys behind, even her favourite ones. Her favourite toys of all time were Ducky and the two Puffies. Puffie One is light brown and he lives in our big house in the city. Puffie Too is grey and lives up here in our little house on the mountain.

Cobi used to like to snuggle with her Puffies. She would suckle them in her mouth and chew them ever so gently. Whenever she was worried sucking on a Puffie could help make her feel better. The Puffies always had stick-up spikes of fur from where she liked to suck and chew on them. Here is Cobi with her Puffie:

Now I guess the Puffies are mine. 

There was always a rule that I was not allowed to chew on the Puffies because they were Cobi's favourites and because I am much rougher with my toys. (I like to take the insides out!)

Now that Cobi isn't here to take care of the Puffies any more it is my job. Friends, I still never try to rip the Puffies. I never try to play with them or tear their stuffing out. I only handle the Puffies very, very gently.

I like to sleep with Puffie Too. He makes a good pillow. I carry him carefully into my bed and tuck him under my chin and take a nap. And he still smells like Cobi, just a little bit.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Too much snow?

 Hi friends! Ojo here! 

Is there such a thing as Too Much Snow?

(Excuse me, but how do I get out?)

(My person would like to add that she had already cleared the snow from the porch twice today. This was the third time!)

Okay, now how do I get back in??

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Snow, and more snow, and rain, and more snow

 Hi friends, Ojo here! 

We have had SNOW! And more snow! Then rain. Then snow. Then rain. Then snow. Then rain. Then more snow! And a big storm!

Do you see the snow up to my chest? It was even higher this afternoon, almost over my head! I had to follow in my person's tracks.

It is a good thing I love snow! I don't even mind the rain! But snow is better!