Tuesday, June 18, 2024

It's my Gotcha Day!

Hi hi hi! Ojo here! It's my 11th Gotcha Day today!

To celebrate, Long Line has been taking me on some Good Walks!

We walked in the forest! We walked where there were ocean smells!

I even got to go in the Lake!

Also, it has been almost Nine Weeks since Surgery! This means I am almost half way through Recovery!

In the meantime, I hope Long Line keeps taking me to fun places!

Here are pictures of ME from my Gotcha Day! Do you think I look any different, friends?

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Park and Long Line and Rolling!

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

Today my person and Long Line took me to Colwood Creek Park! We Walked, then we hung out for a bit, then we Walked more!

I still wish my Walks were longer. And I still wish my Walks were off leash.

However, Long Line lets me wander further away from my person. Today I got to wade in a pond! And drink from it!

Also, Long Line gives me room to do rolling in the grass!

(Hurray for rolling in the grass! I love rolling in the grass!)

Also, Long Line gave me room to find the perfect Stick!

It's not quite as great as running off leash, but Long Line and Colwood Creek Park and rolling in the grass are happy things!

Did you have any happy things in your day today, friends?

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Sitting and Long Line

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

It has been a Long Time since my paws last wrote a blog post. I hope all my Dog Blog friends are well!

Here are some updates from ME:

Bad Leg is getting better! It still can't Walk for very long, but I have decided it is time to start trying to stand on my back legs to get closer to things like crows and human faces. 

My fur is coming back, and from far away people can't even tell that it was missing.

My person is allowing me to go into shallow ditches. (But not deep ones).

Today, three new things happened!

First, my person took a picture of me doing Sit. I have been doing many exercises for many weeks and she wanted to see how my Sit is looking. Bad Leg still sticks out, and Vet says it will probably do this forever, but otherwise my Sit is Good!

Second, my person put me in Cobi's old, ugly harness (isn't it ugly, friends?), and then, on Walk, she attached us with Long Line! This was a bit weird at first and I had to keep checking in with her, but then I realized that Long Line means that I can go further and sniff more things!

We still walked Very Slowly, but I got to explore more! Hurray!

And third, my person finally let me meet and sniff another Dog!

So today is a Good Day. 

How are you, friends?


Note from Ojo's person: Tomorrow will be six weeks from her surgery, and we can start increasing the length of her walks beyond ten minutes. In advance of this, I tried her on the long line today to see if she'd go wild, or if it would give both of us a bit more freedom on our walks. 

The long line was great! Instead of trying to pull me down the path, she explored and meandered along. So she was actually walking more slowly, and sniffing more, than on a regular leash. This is ideal!

I've been keeping her away from other dogs since her injury because she can be a bit snappy when she feels trapped on a short leash. The long line allowed her to meet another dog with space and natural movements, and she was able to have a quick greeting and then move on which is her preference.

Once again I'm reminded of how much I love long lines!

Monday, April 29, 2024

I am feeling more ME

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

Today I am feeling more like ME again!

Earlier, my person was doing the thing called Work Meetings, and I poked and poked and poked her until she left Work Meetings and came to play with ME instead! (I am very good at poking!)

I still don't get to go in Car (my person says this is because I won't lie down when Car is moving), and I still only get Very Short Walks. Pepper continues to be a Good Friend by taking my person Walking when his family doesn't need him, or when they can all go together.

I wish I could go on these Walks with Pepper and my person. I hope I get to do this again soon!

(My person is saying sixteen-and-a-half more weeks. Is that a long time?)

In the meantime, at lunch I got to lie outside with my person. (After hanging out with my Grandpaw for a bit!) I sniffed the air, and I rolled, and then I lay on my back to enjoy the sun on my belly and the cool grass underneath. This was a happy way to spend lunch.

How's your day going?

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Update on ME

Hi hi hi! Ojo here with an update on ME and Bad Leg!

Bad Leg doesn't bend very well. Bad Leg shakes a lot. Bad Leg smells funny. Bad Leg feels funny on my tongue because someone stole my fur. 

But Surgery did one Very Important Thing: Bad Leg is stable. 

It feels very different. I am learning to trust Bad Leg again. Maybe, someday, it will be Good Leg.

This is ME napping a few minutes ago before writing this post. I am napping a lot.

If you would like to see how I'm walking six days after Surgery, my person is sharing this video from today. 

(No, I don't like to Walk on the pavement. It is much better to Walk where the things smell better. My person and I are having disagreements about this, but she will allow me to go off the road as long as it's flat.)

Other not-good things: The people won't let me lick Bad Leg. My Walks are very short. I must stay on leash. Inside, there are mats on the floors and fences that move around and keep me stuck in small areas. Outside, I am not allowed to go up onto the rocks or down or into the ditches.

But one Very Good Thing: The people are around a LOT! My person is sleeping with me in the living room! My grandpawrents come to visit every day! (When they come, my person goes away. Sometimes Pepper takes her on a Walk, or sometimes she goes on her own, or sometimes she does the thing called Shopping for Groceries.) 

I am never alone these days for more than a minute or two! I always have company!

This is ME and my Grandpaw lying in the grass. I am happy to have the people around so much.

I hope I can go on longer Walks soon. But I would like the people to keep being around.

How are you doing, friends?

Friday, April 19, 2024

Surgery Done

Dear friends, yesterday was a very strange and upsetting day. But Surgery is done. 

My person says Bad Leg is more stable than it's been in months! I'm not sure I believe her yet. But I was able to hop myself outside to pee, and then I got to lie in the sun.

Surgeon says that things went very well. My person slept beside me on the floor last night, and the people have been around all day. I like these things a lot.

When can I run again?

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Surgery tomorrow

Dear friends, my Surgery is tomorrow. Please send ME good energy. And my person, too. She seems anxious today.

I will see you all once Bad Leg is fixed!