Saturday, July 28, 2018

New Sniffing Job - Search!

Dear friends,

I said I would tell you about this new thing my person is doing with me to celebrate how amazing I am at ten years old. I am learning a new job! The people call it nosework.

Ojo is learning it too, but guess what? My person picked ME, Cobi, to go to class! I haven't gotten picked for class in forever! But she picked ME!!!

I am just getting started learning. Here is what I know so far...

First I put on my special collar. I only get this collar when I am working. Also my person tells me that it is time to work. So this is how I know it is time to work.

Then there is this SMELL. It is a funny smell. (My person says it is wintergreen, pine, and thyme. Some Dogs sniff out bombs or drugs. We only sniff for these funny oil smells.)

The SMELL goes inside of something. Something like this:

(And yes, there are holes in the blue lid so I can still smell it!)

Then my person hides the SMELL.

I am asked to Search. And my job is to use my nose and my amazing sniffing powers to find the SMELL!

I sniff all over!

There it is! I found it!

The SMELL can be pretty much anywhere.

Hey, I found it again! Momma B, look here! There it is! Do you see it? I found it! (Treats please!)

Now we are outside. My special collar goes on! It is time to work!

This time the SMELL is in a flower pot. (Although I did not know that. It was a surprise to find the SMELL in a pot! I still found it though, no problem, because I am amazing.)

The SMELL is in a pot because Ojo fetches the container with the blue lid. This is not supposed to be a fetch game. It is a poke-it-with-your-nose game. And Ojo will not fetch the flower pot. So the silly pot is Ojo's fault. Like most things are.

Time to Search!

I found the SMELL in the pot! (I am very good at this job.)

I need to stick my nose on the SMELL for a while, or at least poke it again and again, to make sure my person knows I found it. (She's kind of slow sometimes.)

I still have my nose on it. Do I get my treat now?

Aren't I amazing?

I love this new sniffing game! And we only just got started. I wonder what we're going to learn next week?

Pee Ess This is not the first sniffing job for either of us. If you'd like to read more about our other sniffing jobs, look here!

Ojo is employed as a Thing Finder. She finds lost things. Here is her job:
(She is even better at it now, by the way!)

My first sniffing job was finding lost people in the woods. And the stuff they'd dropped too. But haven't done that job forever and ever. So I am glad I have a new job.

We Dogs have the most amazing noses. I love my new Search job. I hope we practise again soon!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Swimming and Fetching! (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

I like to swim! I like to fetch!

Did you know that you can SWIM AND FETCH at the same time?!?!?

Stick goes into water! I go into water!

I swim! I snatch Stick!

And I bring it back!

Fetching AND swimming! More please!!

Pee Ess My person says I look tired in these pictures. I do not know why. I was not tired at ALL! I was bouncing around like a maniac! I think perhaps the sun was in my eyes. No tiredness here!!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Whose mat is it? (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

We had an incident! A disagreement! An entanglement!

Our person put this towel down on the floor. We both LOVE going our mats. (We are Good Dogs, you know!) But there was only one towel. So we both raced to see who could get onto it first!

Cobi says the mat is hers, because she is bigger and older and wiser!

But I say it is MINE, because I lay down first!

What do you think, friends? Whose mat is it???

Pee Ess Cobi, will you get off of me?!?! You're heavy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

This was ME

I posted now-pictures of ME yesterday. These are then-pictures.

This is ME, ten years ago today, on the day I came home to live with my family.

Wasn't I perfectly cute???

That was a very long time ago. My littlest person was very little then too.

Here I am practicing using my nose. I am currently doing special work using my nose - my person signed us up for a class together which is all about sniffing! I will tell you about it soon.

In the meantime we are celebrating ten years together. (I hope there will be cake! Or perhaps popcorn???)

Monday, July 9, 2018


Here is ME.

Am I not very beautiful? (And yes, you may call me handsome too. Even though I am a girl. I still will accept being called handsome.)

Friday, July 6, 2018

This way! (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

What's down here? This way looks really pretty! Let's walk down this lane!

I love Walks!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Welcome back to Uplands Park!

We went to the place called Uplands Park today! (Or we we Dogs like to call it, grasses-bunnies-birds-lots-to-sniff-place.)

This is one of our favourite places. But Dogs cannot go running around here in the months of April, May or June because the birds are making babies. I would not cause problems, but Ojo would. She would bother all the parent and baby birds for sure! Ojo is very bad!

But now the babies are done and we are allowed again. Hurray!!!

I was very happy to be back our fun sniffing park place!