Monday, September 9, 2019

We are beautiful

We did the thing where we post for cheese. We are very pretty, don't you think?

Hello there. More cheese, please!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The season is changing

Dear friends,

The season is changing. It is still HOT sometimes during the day, but it is much cooler at night. The rains are teasing us with what is to come. The oak trees are starting to drop their leaves. (Our person is grumpy about this, she says raking is a lot of work. But I think chasing the rake is FUN, so I am excited for this!)

And we had FOG!!! The fog horns were all making their OOOOO-ooooo noises on our Walk.

Soon all this brown grass will be green again.

Unfortunately also soon all this dry ground will be MUD. We won't be as happy to lie down in the mud.

But in the meantime we are enjoying all the smells that stick in the wet, foggy air.

The fog and the cooler air made us both feel very happy! Hurray for cooler days! Welcome, fall!