Thursday, November 28, 2013

Glow Doggies

We have these new fancy collars called "Glow Doggies"! We wear them when we go outside in the dark. Aren't they pretty?

Our person paid quite a bit for them, but they are pawesome!

They are totally water-proof, so I got to roll in the Snow, and Ojo can run in the rain! Our people can see us anywhere, so they let us go play at night. And they take triple-A batteries, whatever that means. My person likes that, though.

And wherever we go in the dark we can see! (My person says that we are like mini-flashlights, and when she needs to see something she calls one of us over. This is okay, because she usually has chicken anyways.)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh my Dog - SNOW! (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

Oh my Dog, oh my Dog!! We went to the BEST place!

We went to a little house. It had the BEST yard - full of white stuff named Snow! Also, the food there was chicken and rice. Our donut beds went with us. And so did our people.

And did I mention that there was SNOW??

Cobi showed me how to chase Snow Balls! These are Balls, but made of the cold, wet white stuff! They're totally pawesome because when you catch them, you can eat them!!

But watch, friends - I can jump higher than Cobi can!! Hah!

I didn't feel well, and then Cobi didn't feel well, but then we felt better and we went running and chasing together. Yes, Cobi actually played with me! (The snow makes her less grumpy, I think!)

Rarw! I will get you, Snow Ball!

And then, when we got home, I broke into the Dog Food Bag and ate a whole bunch of FOOD! This was the BEST WEEKEND EVER!

(Although my tummy hurts again now. I wonder why that is?)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lost breakfasts and dinners, and my friend the Snow!

This weekend Ojo met my friend Snow!

I have been telling her just how amazing it is, but she did not believe me. Well, she believes me now!!

We did have a bit of a problem though. Ojo was sick. Sick enough that her Dinner came up out of her mouth (but she got to eat it again, lucky Dog!). And then her Breakfast too.

Finally Ojo was feeling better, but then I started to feel bad. My Dinner left my body and I didn't get it back. The next morning the people gave us chicken and rice to help our bellies. But I have some very sad news, friends. I lost my chicken and rice. I only had it in my belly for five minutes, then it went back out. And when I went back to eat it later, it was GONE!

This was tragic!

But, finally, we were both feeling better. We went for many Walks. We sniffed many things. We chased birds and chipmunks. And then we sat and watched the white world while the sun went to sleep.

Here is Ojo and my friend Snow. She was pleased to make its acquaintance. Do you have Snow too?

Saturday, November 23, 2013


It is I, JACK CAT, here to wish you a Happy Caturday!

I survey the Squirrels. What are they doing out there?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Oh Winter
You are coming.

Your soft, pale sun lights up my fur.
Your cold, wet ground is fresh under my paws.
Your crisp, biting air brings scents from afar.

I am a Dog of Winter.

I do not like the hot summer sun that melts my paws and scorches my fur. I am a Dog of cold. Of clear night skies, of frozen ground.

Ojo is learning. She will like the cold too.

Oh Winter
You are coming.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What is this? (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

What's this? What's going on?

The ground in crunchy! And cold!

The puddles are broken! I cannot drink from them!

But - the SMELLS! The cold, crunchy ground holds the smells so nicely! So many things to sniff! So fresh, so clear!

I could sniff the cold, crunchy ground forever!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Beach Day!

In case you couldn't tell from our Wordless Wednesday post, yesterday was BEACH DAY!! Hurray!!

Nature was making warm-sunny-fall-day, with not much wind. It was perfect for running and sniffing and playing!

Have I mentioned that I love the Beach?

Ojo was very well behaved. This is very much a relief, because it means I get Beach Day again soon. I think it's just because most of the birds have gone south while Nature makes fall and winter, so there are fewer things for her to chase. But perhaps she is learning to be calm.

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Ojo loves the Beach too. It makes her silly. I hope she remembers to be a Good Dog on the Beach so we can come back often.

Agh! Ojo! Must you??

Happy Beach Day everyone!

Friday, November 8, 2013