Sunday, September 23, 2012

Catching up and a new friend

It's true, you haven't heard from me in a few days. Many things were going on. First of all my big people were missing. My littlest person was here, and so were the people called grandmagrandpa.

I got many Walks with grandmagrandpa. I got an egg, and many treats. I got to sleep outside my crate-den.

Then my littlest person was sick. No Walks happened. This was very sad. The cat named Jericho wasn't doing a good enough job taking care of her, so I had to help. I figured out how to sneak into her room at night to keep her company. The company of a Dog is very healing.

Then finally my big people came back. My littlest person is good again. And grandmagrandpa are still here! Life is good right now. (Although I saw my crate-den getting set up again. Why can I not sleep with my littlest person always?)

The sun goes away earlier now. As it was going down, I met a new dog friend at my Park.

This dog friend looks like my friend Rosie, but it's not. This dog friend is a bit smaller, and a bit younger. She likes to do Fetch, and she lets me do Chase!

I liked her ever so much.

And the Park was all for us. No other Dogs to get in our way.

The sun slowly went to bed as we played...

I am very pleased with my new friend. Have you met any new friends recently?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Something scary

I saw something VERY SCARY up in a tree!

I had to do big barks to protect my people. Well, okay, I was protecting myself. But it was very scary!

The people named it "great blue heron". I named it "great big scary bird that might eat me". Have you ever seen a scary bird on your Walk?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Do you think I am cute? Would you vote for me?

I could be a Cover Dog! (Whatever that means.)

If you want, you can vote for me to be on a calendar cover by clicking on these words and seeing all the cute, beautiful, and awesome dog photos!

All these dogs are RescueDog like me. I don't actually care if I am Cover Dog, but it would be nice if you went to see the photos, and if you think they're cute and you want to help other RescueDogs, maybe you could buy a calendar when they are ready...

Licks and wags,

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Too-crowded-space, contest, hot dog thief, and my youngest person

Today my people took me to Paws for a Cause. This is where a bunch of people and Dogs attached to each other by leashes get in a really tight space and try not to bark at each other. Somehow this helps the Dogs and Cats who do not have homes.

This type of thing is called "fundraiser". I know that all Dogs and Cats should have people to love, but some are not lucky. I am RescueDog - once I did not have a home either! So my people did something called "donation" to help.

My youngest person decided we should go in a contest.

Here we are practicing.

We went away from all the white-tents and loud-noises and too-crowded-dogs. We had a Walk. We enjoyed the cool breeze. I played Tug with Leash. And we practiced.

In case you can't tell, I am doing walk-between-people-legs-backward-and-forward-exactly-like-the-people-legs.

After we had practiced, we went back into the too-crowded-space and waited for our turn.

My name came very loudly out of the big-black-too-loud-hurt-ears-box, and my youngest person took me up in front of all the people and Dogs.

Do you see what a Good Dog I am? How closely I watch my youngest person?

Let me tell you a secret. My youngest person had hot dog in her hand.

I was a Very Good Dog.

Some of the other dogs did not pay attention to their people when it was their turn up front. They ran around in the open space, or stared at the other Dogs and ignored their people. Not me. I paid very good attention to my person, and I did exactly what she wanted!

There was a boxer-dog also in the contest. He won a prize for biting at a balloon, and then he tried to steal my hot dog. When I told him please-back-off by growling he jumped on my body and we had a dog-fight.

This happened after our Trick, so I hope it's not what made the judges not pick us. I didn't start the fight, honest I didn't. I just asked him to leave my hot dog alone.

A small-black-dog won a prize for doing many fancy Tricks, and also a Dog with a curly tail like mine who did a funny woo-woo-woo noise with his mouth.

My youngest person was a little bit sad because the judges did not choose us. But not me, I wasn't sad. I was very happy. Do you know why?

Because I had so much fun with my youngest person!

I gave her all my attention, and she gave me all of hers. I felt very special. And she gave me lots of hot dog and petting and nice words.

I'm not sure I liked the tight space with all the other dogs, and I certainly did not like it when someone tried to steal my hot dog, but I would do Tricks with my youngest person again any time. I love you, youngest-person-of-mine!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Late summer contemplation

The sun was warm on my fur. The air was growing cooler. Fall was in the air.

The grass tickled my belly and paws. I closed my eyes and let the smells of my Park fill my senses.

And I wondered - what is the meaning of life? What purpose do I, a Dog, have in this world?

Am I here to leave pee markings? To chase the squirrels and raccoons in our yard? To growl and bark when there is a noise in the house? To chase running dogs, to bite at the hose, to lick clean the kitchen floor?

What is my purpose? What makes me a good dog?

And then I opened my eyes and looked at my person.

And I realized that this is the meaning of my life. My people. I am here to make them happy. To give them love, to make them feel whole.

I am a Good Dog.

Monday, September 3, 2012

New friends - chickens!

We have new friends in our yard!

But let me tell you the story from the beginning...

Yesterday Truck dropped us off at The-Place-Called-Murray-and-Heathers. This is where the Meat Man lives. He gives me lots of yummy food, all the time! Like turkey skin and chicken and beef and shrimp and salmon...

What was I talking about again?

Oh right, the special place. It also has a wonderful Yard with grass to run on, rocks to climb, and forest to explore.

I was so busy exploring and playing and eating that I didn't notice when Momma C snuck out. When she came back, all the people went outside to look at Truck. At first I wasn't sure why - were we leaving? We hadn't even had Dinner yet!

But no, there was a strange and somewhat familiar smell in Truck.

Then we went back inside the house. There was Dinner, and then Dessert which had yogurt that I got to lick.

Then it was time to go home.

But something was wrong.

I am NOT a floor dog. I am a seat dog. But the people forgot that.

I had to sit on the floor because someone was in my seat! Four someones! Look at them!

Oh Momma B, really? This place is very squished. It's not fit for a Dog.

After a very long amount of time (fifteen whole minutes!) of having to sit in that terrible place, Truck finally got us home. The new friends were making quiet gwok-gwok noises. It was dark and they wanted to go to sleep, so the people tucked them into the little house.

This little house has stood empty for a long time, since the terrible-horrible thing happened to our last chicken family. Momma C has been sawing and hammering and cutting and doing all sorts of things to the little house for weeks. The people now call it "Chicken Fort Knox". What does that mean?

This morning Momma C opened the door and our new friends came out to explore...

I'm supposed to tell that our new friends are blue and black ameraucanas. Whatever that means. Also the people call them "pullets", which means that they are young and not making eggs yet. So I ask, what good are they if they don't make eggs?

But still, I watched them for a little bit. It's nice to have friends in our yard again!

This chicken is thinking hard. She's trying to decide if the people are nice, or scary.

Right now she thinks they're a little scary, but the people have been bringing the chickens lots of the yucky-for-birds-only-food called "scratch", and also mushrooms, blueberries and greens. Soon the chickens will be less-shy.

Only one thing is missing. Our old chickens had friends called ratties. These new chickens haven't made any rattie friends yet. I watched carefully today, just in case...

Oh, the people also want me to tell you that there will not be any ratties because the chickens now live in "Chicken Fort Knox". There's that word again. What are they talking about? Why no ratties?

Welcome home to our new chicken family!

While you're here, why don't you check out the blog of my friend Muppet? She's a Victoria Adoptables rescue dog just like me. Unlike me she likes to fetch, even though she's really, really tiny. She had a really bad life for a while, but now she has found some awesome people to take care of her. Now she gets to be a real lady! Go visit Muppet by clicking here!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I love you Ball, I love you Stick

My friend Tweedles said that my blog is full of fun and happiness. It's true - I have much fun and happiness in my world. I am a very lucky Dog!

Today we found stinky-slimy-mushy-broken-Ball down on the Beach. Some other Dog had lost it. I'm sure that other Dog was very sad, but I was very happy.

Please note that I am not fetching. I do not fetch. I am just chasing the Ball, like a tiny yellow sheep.

I love you, Ball.

Then I forgot about Ball because there was something interesting floating in the water. It was Stick!!

I love you, Stick.

My person took this picture to show you that I got my belly wet. This is very unusual for me; I do not like to get my belly wet, and I most certainly do not swim.

Do you like to swim? Do you like to fetch? If so, perhaps you can come play with my people. Then they won't be asking me to do these silly things all the time anymore.

You're invited to share my Beach too. And my Ball, and my Stick. Today was a very happy day...

PS In the spirit of sharing, I am going to share some of my friends with you over the next little while. Click here to visit Tweedles, who said the very nice thing about my happy blog.