Sunday, August 7, 2011

Farm and Scare Dog

Yesterday was a very long day in very hot Truck. But when Truck finally stopped moving, look where it let us out!

We're at hot-in-summer-dry-grass-lakes-cold-in-winter-snow-wood-stove. The people call it "GrandmaAndGrandpas".

This morning we went to a farm called "petting zoo". The person called Farmer said I was very well behaved. I liked watching the guinea pigs and bunnies.

I had to stay attached to my person with Leash. My littlest person took Baby Goat for a walk on Leash too.

There's something wrong with this person. My people named him Scare Crow. I think they should have named him "Scare Dog". I did not like Scare Crow at all.

Later we went to Lake. I waded but I did not swim because I do not swim.

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