Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fog and strange games

My person is playing all sorts of strange games with me. They are good games because they involve many treats. But they are strange games.

In one game, I need to find the thing that my person drops or throws, and then I need to sit by it. I am not allowed to pick it up with my mouth. I keep trying to sit closer to my person and the treats, but she wants me to sit by the thing. I wonder why?

In another game, my person asks me to walk in a circle around a chair. I wonder why?

In another game, my person puts a box down on the ground. I have to figure out what to do with it. When I get close I get a treat. I now know that I need to stand on it with my front paws and lift my body up high. I think I'm also supposed to move my paws, but I'm still a bit confused. But my person keeps asking me to try. I wonder why?

Today was Mt. Doug day. My littlest person came too. The world went grey and damp. The people called this Fog. Then it started to rain.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Non-sniffing day

Today was Mt. Doug. And then a new park, called Layritz Park. Here we met Sniffing Leader. Instead of finding a person, today we did something funny with objects. I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to do. Do you want me to fetch it? I hope not, because I don't fetch. Then I went for a walk with Simon and Molly. I like Molly much better when we're walking.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Farms and smells

I went to a farm today. Not my farm, but a different farm. Farm means open spaces and interesting smells. I carefully smeared the most interesting smell across my face so that I could keep it and share it with others.

I'm not sure why Momma C grabbed me by the collar and took the thing called "garden hose" and sprayed it on me. It was very cold. And the worst part is that it made most of the interesting smell go away.

Tonight I went for a walk with Momma B. Half way through our walk I found a very scary smell. Something very bad had happened. I'm not sure what, but it smelled like fear. I put my tail between my legs and shrunk my body down, but I couldn't help but follow the smell. When a car went past I got startled and jumped, and Momma B decided that it was time to move on. Things got okay again when we got away from the scary smell.

And they got even better when we found our alleyway and The Dot came out to play. Chasing The Dot, which comes from Laser Pointer, is hard work. But it's also very much fun. Whew.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

People, sticks with fire, a dog named Blanche, a box, and a surprise visit from Raven

We had two days that were full of people. All of these people seemed to be interested in my littlest person, and not very many of them were interested in me. There were lots of little sticks with fire at the end, and many boxes wrapped in paper. There were no boxes wrapped in paper for me. Only for my littlest person. I had to sit on my mat on the floor and no one paid attention to me.

A few good things happened though. First I went for a walk with my person and I met a dog named Blanche. Blanche is border collie and she let me run after her. Her person and my person walked and talked for a long time while I ran with Blanche.

The other night my person asked me to stand on a box. Sometimes it was hard to know what she wanted me to do, but when I figured it out she made a click noise and I got yummy food. I like that game.

And the best thing of all is that yesterday I was at work with Momma C when suddenly Raven was there! And her people! They took me into their big car, which is called a van, and we all went to play together. Then they took me back to Momma C. This was fun, but a bit confusing. Why did they go away again so soon? I put myself under Momma C's chair so that she wouldn't disappear too.

I was very happy to see Raven.

Things feel like they are getting back to normal. This is good. Although I would like to see Raven and her people again soon.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dallas Road and patience

Today I was very tired. I slept a lot. The people were coming and going. Sometimes I went with them, sometimes I didn't. GrandmaAndGrandpa are here. So is man-who-plays. Our house is very busy.

Late in the afternoon Momma B asked me join her in the car. We went to Dallas Road.

Here is Dallas Road.

But that is not a picture of me.

Did I fool you? Did you think that was me? Because it's not! It's someone else!

After meeting big-me, Momma B took me for a walk. I met a dog named Nutmeg. She was chasing a ball, and she didn't mind me chasing her. She was very fast. I almost couldn't keep up.

There was something different in the air today. The air wasn't too cold, and the sun reminded my person of a summer evening. This made both of us feel happy.

I had fun.

When we got home there was a wonderful smell in the house. It was the smell of beef roast. I waited very patiently on my mat while it was cooking, and something called "gravy" splashed onto my dinner. Then I waited very patiently on my mat again while the people were eating... and eating... and eating... And then some pieces of roast fell in front of my nose on the mat. I have learned that it is good to be patient for the people.

Friday, January 21, 2011

World under water and sniffing day

Today the world was full of water.

And it was raining. And it was muddy.

But it was still very much fun. The water keeps smells fresh for my nose. There were many dogs running and walking and playing. I went fishing for things floating in the water. I like this game.

These are called ducks. There were lots and lots of ducks, and one swan.

My person tells me that the ducks are getting ready to make baby ducks because they are all hanging out in pairs. I wonder how that works?

She also tells me that this means that spring is coming. I hope it comes soon. I am getting tired of the muddy world.

I liked to look at the ducks, but I didn't chase them. I am Good Dog.

Today was also Sniffing Day. I have a confession. When I was following the trail of the person I was supposed to be finding, I could also smell where there were rabbits in the bushes. So I went in and out of the bushes, checking both the smell of the rabbits and the trail of the person who was lost. I can do two things at once! And I still found the person of course.

Leader says "Jacobi's transitions are very good". My person tried to explain this to me. Apparently this means that when the track of the lost person moves from one thing to another, like from bushes to trail, or trail to field, that I don't get lost. I'm not sure why they think I would get lost?

Here is Molly working today. Leader says that Molly is very good at is turns.

And here is Simon.

Simon's person says that next time she will take the big-black-aggressive-eye, also called "camera", and make pictures of me working. So maybe next time I can show you how well I Sniff.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

UVic Mud Park

Last night we did something called "movie night". I liked this very much. First there was popcorn. I very much love popcorn. Then all of my people settled down quietly with blankets. I had a blanket-den by their feet. It was warm and cozy. For some reason Momma B kept trying to push me over. She said that I had the whole blanket and wasn't sharing. I'm not sure what's wrong with that?

Today Momma B said that we were going to go to "UVic Mud Park". When we got there, it looked a lot like UVic Dog Park. Are you sure this isn't UVic Dog Park, Momma B?

Maybe she was right. There was lots of mud, especially on one side of the park. My feet went gwoosh gwoosh gwoosh. Mother Nature had put a lot of water into the park. She also put sun in the park, and a very big wind. I liked the sun, but I didn't like the very big wind.

This is a "mud puddle". It is a very big mud puddle. It is almost a mud pond.

Momma B, I have had enough wind. Can we move now to someplace less windy?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pig ear and Dallas Road

This morning Momma B went away without me. So I went with Momma C and my littlest person to the thing called "soccer". Then we drove to a few places in the truck. I had to wait while Momma C and my littlest person went away and came back again, but they did bring me back something wonderful. They called it "pig ear". It was greasy and smelly and crunchy. I ate it when we got home.

When Momma B came home she smelled like lots of other dogs. Puppies again. And treats.

This afternoon Momma B took me to Dallas Road. It was raining, so we only saw a few dogs, but I still had fun.

This afternoon I plan to sleep, maybe lick Puffie for a bit, and then sleep some more. The perfect way to dry off after a rainy adventure.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Puddles, puppies and picnics

Today was very rainy again. We went to the sniffing forest. I met a new dog named Smokey. Smokey is still a puppy, but he was fun to play with.

When it was time to find the missing person, Leader opened a bag and in it was the smell of Smokey's person. So I followed his trail. Part of his path was where we had walked before, so I had to use my super nose to tell which was the new trail and which was the old one. No problem. I followed where the new path split from the old one, and there he was in a little house with no walls called "gazebo". He gave me a handfull of meat. Everyone told me how clever I was. I did a happy dance for them.

Then I had to wait in the car for a long time, but at least my person gave me a bone for all of my hard work.

It was very wet. Here are me and Smokey in a puddle.

This afternoon was kind of strange. Momma B took me to Momma C's work, along with woman-who-visits-lots-and-walks-in-forest. We all hung out there together. Momma B sat on the floor and shared a sandwich with me and Katie. Then I left with Momma B. Did we just go there for a picnic?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ode to my bone

Oh bone.
You are stinky.
I like to chew on you.
You are stinky.
Oh bone.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Albert at Mt. Doug

This morning I felt sleepy after all of the exercise and work I did the two days before. I spent the morning napping on my mat. My crate-den still hasn't come back.

My person put on her shoes and went away without me. When she came back I checked her shoes to see where she had been. There were only people smells, no beach or forest smells, so I don't think she went anywhere fun. I was happy that I had stayed home sleeping.

This afternoon woman-who-visits-lots-and-walks-in-forest came by. I was happy to see her. She has calm energy, and sometimes we get to go fun places with her. She didn't stay very long, but then my person put on her shoes again and asked me to get in the car. We drove to the house of woman-who-visits-lots-and-walks-in-forest, put her in the car with us, and then we went to Mt. Doug forest.

It was very cold at Mt. Doug today, and even colder when Nature made the wind get stronger.

This is my friend Albert. He is also called Jack-Russell-Border-Collie-Cross.

I usually find Albert at UVic Dog park, but I found him today at Mt. Doug instead. This was very exciting. We played chase-wrestle-chase, and we took turns being dog-who-runs and dog-who-chases. This was very much fun.

The only bad part was when some big dogs came and growled at us and tried to stand on Albert. Our people came in and helped, and then the dogs went away so we got to do chase-wrestle-chase again.

Now I am home and I am even more tired. I will go back to sleep now.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sun and Dallas Road

This morning my person went away and left me at home. When she came back she smelled like lots of other dogs. Puppies, actually. I wonder where she goes, and why she doesn't take me with her? I can play with puppies!

Today is sunny. The air is not cold, but the wind is very cold. Since it was raining very hard yesterday, my person decided that Mt. Doug and UVic Dog Park would be too muddy. So we went to Dallas Road instead. This is fine by me!

At Dallas Road I found my friend Finn. Finn likes to chase a ball, and he doesn't mind when I chase him. He just smiles at me.

Excuse me little black dog, but I am kind of busy right now. Can't you see Finn is about to run again?

After Finn had to go home we went for a walk. First we walked up top, then we went down to the beach. It was very windy down at the beach, and the wind was very cold. But I still had very much fun. Plus the wind carried all sorts of interesting smells from far away...

When I look outside now it is cloudy. I think it may rain again. I am glad we got out when it was sunny. I feel very happy now.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Dark. Rain. Wet forest.

Sniffing day. Long track. Found person, got bone. Happy find.
Good run. Very wet.
Now home. Getting dry. Long sleep.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No den?

My crate-den seems to have disappeared. First the cat named Keisha was in it. She didn't want to be in there, but the people made her stay in there because she was not feeling well. Then my crate-den disappeared. Where did it go? At least I still have my mat. And Puffie of course.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Today was sunny. Since we are no longer doing Vacation, and instead are home, I got to go to Dallas Road. There were many happy dogs there. Their people kept saying something. I guess I had better say it too: Happy New Year!