Thursday, April 15, 2021

Not enough sharing

Hi friends, Ojo here! 

We went on a Big Walk. The people brought snacks. They only shared a little bit. Since it was a Big Walk I think there should have been Big Sharing, don't you agree?

Come on, please? Look how nicely I am sitting here waiting for you to share your snack!

Also I would like to show you our Snow compared to last year. Even though it is melting we still have Very Much Snow!!

Have a good day, friends!

Friday, April 9, 2021

Spirit guide?

Hi friends! Ojo here! Can Dogs have spirit guides? Can this be mine?? 

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Sun, snow and sniffing

Hi friends! Ojo here! Today there was sun, snow, and sniffing. This was a good day. That's it, bye for now!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Now I have a handle, sigh

 Hi friends! Ojo here!

A package came for me! I was very excited! Was it treats? A toy? 

But, sadly, the contents were not that good.

My package was a new harness. There is nothing wrong my old harness! But Momma C wants me to have a handle on my back. She says that the snow is melting. She says there are tree wells I could fall into. She says soon there will be running water under the snow I could fall into. And she wants me to have a handle so they can fish me out.

Can you believe it?!? ME?!?!? With a handle!?!?

I would like to say that I have never, ever gotten stuck and needed pulling out. Cobi used to get stuck. And Momma B is the one who kept falling into the snowy creek last fall. Not ME!

But now I have a handle. Sigh.

Okay, yes, I don't look too unhappy. 

I did not like it at first. I did not like how it goes under my belly. When they first put it on I puffed out my belly like a Horse getting a saddle put on. And then it seemed like my body was stuck and I could not move, like a Cat with something funny on its body.

But then we went outside and I totally, completely forgot about the harness. With the handle.

It turns out I can still run. And sniff. And play. And roll!

But don't tell anyone. It's kind of embarrassing to have a handle.