Thursday, October 7, 2021

Visiting Cobi's Rock

Hi friends, Ojo here!

Today we went to visit the place we call Cobi's Rock. This is a place that Cobi loved. It was one of the only places where she would leave our person's side to wander up and down and away and all over. She loved it here!

Cobi's Rock is a little bumpy mountain at the place called P'KOLS. It is covered in moss and grass and oak trees, and it is beautiful at every time of the year! Right now it is fall. The trees have dropped their leaves and the moss is damp and full of interesting smells.

We sat together at this place today, in the fog and fall sunshine, and thought of our Cobi. I think she may have sat with us for a while. We miss you Cobi, and we love you!

Cobi's Rock - May 2015

Cobi's Rock - Canada Day 2011

Cobi's Rock - November 2015