Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweetness in my Yard! (Don't tell the people!) (by Ojo)

Guess what? My Yard is the BEST. Not only does it have squirrels and birds and rats, and grass to lie in and sticks to chew on... But it makes yummy sweet food now too!

Look at these things! What are they??

Berries, you say? Yummy, that's what they are!

But shhh, be quiet my friends. I am very stealthy. I pull them down and eat them fast, before the people can notice.

(Cobi, why are you looking at me like that?)

Come here, little red sweet things. The people will never notice you are missing...

So many berries for me to eat! But please, don't tell the people. They have no idea why they do not have any raspberries to eat this year. They think maybe it's the birds...

But it is not the birds. It is me, Ojo! Stealthy hunter-Dog. These red sweet things make a great snack!

I love my Yard!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Boring (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi. Ojo here to tell you that today has been BORING!

Outside Nature is making rain.

Inside the people are cooking. They are making yummy meat-smells in the room they call "kitchen". But they are not sharing. This is not fair.

Yes, okay, I did go running this morning. In the forest. (It was pawesome! With squirrels and birds!)

And yes, okay, I did practise the game called "Ojo Come". (It was pawesome! When I listened I got meat and cheese!)

But still. No hanging out in Yard. No chasing the ratties. No chewing sticks in grass in the sunshine.

This is not fair. I like the rain!

It is the people who do not like the rain. They do not like to go outside very much when it is wet. And they do not like me to go outside very much because then I make mud paintings in the house after. What is wrong with mud paintings?

So I will lie here and chew my Ball.

Tomorrow will be Sun again, I am sure of it. I have not lived here long, but my whole life has been about Sun and Hot and Warm. I'm sure Nature will be making those things again tomorrow. Right?

Wait - what?? This new place I call home has RAIN for many, many months????
It gets even COLDER? And even WETTER???

Sigh. At least I have my friend Ball...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ode to a puddle (by Ojo)

Oh Puddle
When I am thirsty
From chasing rabbits and squirrels and birds
You give me water to drink

Muddy, smelly water
Wonderful water

Oh Puddle
When I am hot
From running and bouncing and leaping
I lie down in you
And you are cool on my belly

Muddy and stinky
Wonderful water

Cobi gets mad because she cannot drink
I am in the way
But I cannot help it

Oh Puddle
I am so happy to find you!

I stand up
And drink some more
Muddy and stinky, thicky and gritty
Cool on my tongue
My wonderful Puddle

How I love you!
Oh Puddle.

Monday, September 16, 2013

DIET woes

I, JACK the CAT, am oN a dIET. The people aRe hiding my fOOd. It is no longer in my BOWL. Now I must "hunt" for fOOd. They say this gives me "exercise". Bah.

WHAT? You say tHIS is mY breakfast? Let ME sEE!!

One KIBBLE, twO KIBBLE, three KIBBLE, Four...

Let me tAste...


This SUCKS. PleaSe help!
Send fOOd to ME, JACK the CAT, my house. FaST!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Two Dogs

Once there was just Me. Now there are Two.

My person says, "Why can't you pose like that somewhere pretty?"

I say, "Because we are Dogs." To us, the landing with the smelly dog towel and old dog bones is beautiful. Now, give us our Kongs please.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

JACK the CAT hAS been WronGED!

It iS I, JACK the CAT! I has stolen the bloG to tell yOU of sOmething TERRIBLE!

I hAS been WronGED!

ToDAY the pEople tOOk ME, JACK the CAT, to the hOrrible place called VET! And sOmething TERRIBLE happened.

I, JACK the CAT, is on...
....... DIET!!!!

Send your praYers, my friends. I mAy not survive...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On bad tummies, drool, and an early morning walk

Yesterday Ojo and I had bad tummies. The room we were in was very smelly, and we had runny poops in the back yard. My person says this is because we ate something bad, but I do not believe her. How can something that tastes yummy be bad?

No, clearly it was just Nature deciding to make our bellies ache. We will eat more of that food our person calls "bad" any time.

Today our person decided we needed a "calm" Walk to help us recover. Don't tell her I said this, but I was glad to just walk quietly and sniff things. I still wasn't feeling so great.

Ojo, however, does not do this thing called "calm".

Look closely at this picture, friends. Do you see what is happening with Ojo? Do you see the drool dripping from her mouth?


Remind me why I have to put up with her again? You know, perhaps it is Ojo's fault that our bellies were bad yesterday. I certainly can't imagine that I had anything to do with it.

We did our Walk early in the morning, before Nature made it too Hot. Fall is coming though. Perhaps you can see the brown and red leaves around us? Also, there were lots of these creatures everywhere.

They make sticky homes. I do not like walking into their sticky homes, but otherwise they do not bother me. Ojo likes to eat them. She likes to think she is a fierce huntress, but these are about the only thing she catches. And sometimes moths. The squirrels and birds and rabbits get away unharmed.

Our bellies are definitely better today. More meat and cheese and stinky dead things to eat please!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rake and Chickens

Today I helped with the game called "Rake".

I'm sure biting and tugging and pulling on the Rake was very helpful for my person.

Meanwhile, Ojo got to know our Chickens. Our person wants her to be calm around Chickens and not chase. This is in case we meet Chickens anywhere on our adventures.

One of our Dog-friends chased some Chickens a few weeks ago and then the man named Farmer sent him over the rainbow bridge. This was very, very sad. So we both must learn not to chase the Chickens.

This is easy for me - I am a Very Good Dog you know. But it is much harder for Ojo. There was much meat for Ojo when she was calm around the Chickens. And also for when she played the "Come" game well, too.

What are the Chickens doing, you ask? They are having baths in the dirt. And keeping cool.

This was a fun afternoon. Ojo and I both love our Yard very much. Ojo doesn't smile often, but she's happy, I can tell.