Friday, May 31, 2013

West Coast Dog

I do not fear rain. I do not fear wet. I do not fear mud.
I am a West Coast Dog!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My round pink sheep

I have a new Job.

For those of you who know me, you'll know that I like to chase. I like to herd. (I do not fetch.) This is my Job when I am in the Park with other Dog friends - I chase and herd and make sure the other Dogs come back to their people.

My person says that I am not allowed to have sheep or cows in our yard. This means no real herding for me. So I have just been honing my skills on other Dogs.

But then, something amazing! My person got me a round, pink sheep!

Here is how it works.

I already knew what my person meant by the word "touch". (I am very clever, you know.) But she taught me that "touch" can become "push" - this is when I bonk even harder with my nose.

I already knew how to "go around". And I also knew what "go to mat" means. (Again, I am very clever.) But my person put the two things together, so now I go around my big pink sheep and lie down on my mat. Or sometimes even on the ground, but that is harder to know where to go.

This is my starting position, and I am so excited by what's coming next that I try to run to my as fast as I can!

I go to my position and I wait. I am very patient. I am Good Dog.

The next part - and this is my favourite! - is when my person finally says "Push!" I stand up and whack that big pink sheep as hard as I can with my nose! If I do it many times in a row it rolls towards my person. She gets very excited. I have brought home the Round Pink Sheep!

There are other Dogs learning this Job too.

My person calls this "treibball". That is a funny sounding word to me. I like "urban herding" better. But it doesn't really matter, because it's about food and fun and working with my person. And my big, round, pink sheep, of course!

By the way, Trainer is there at classes too! She is one of my favourite people outside of my family. Not only does she give good pets, but also she belongs to Simon. Simon is my best Dog-friend in the whole wide world. Here is a video of Simon and his big round sheep in the snow.

I can't wait to do my new Job again soon! I am a super-herder!!

Do you want to be a super-herder? Maybe you live in the same city as me? Here is how to find Trainer and this fun thing she's teaching me and my person!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


I have an amazing place called Park!
Here is what happened at Park last night...

First there were Big Dogs. For a while I was often scared of Big Dogs, but...

Tonight I led the chase. Did you know that I am much more swift now that I have completed the thing called "diet"? I can run like the wind. I can outrun any Big Dogs, any time. Hah.

Then the Big Dogs went home. So I played with my littlest person, chasing the special Ball. This is "soccer ball", but it is MY soccer ball. I am allowed to chase it and bite it and pounce on it! I love my soccer ball.

And then...

Little Dog time!

This is Tikki. I don't always like Little Dogs either (okay, so maybe I'm a bit grumpy at times), but tonight the air was not-too-cold-not-too-hot, and the grass was fresh, and my body was swift and powerful, and I felt good.

And so I wrestled and chased with the Little Dog too!

I was very polite. I let the Little Dog jump on my head and roll on my body. Wasn't that polite of me? I was Good Dog. And, well, I must admit that it was kind of fun too. Maybe I will not be so grumpy in the future with Little Dogs...

I think my Park is one of the best places in the world. So much fun stuff happens there!

Do you have a Park too?

Monday, May 20, 2013


When the people throw you
You fly through the air
With noise like a whistle.

I give chase
But I do not bring you back.

Instead you lie
In the green grass
Waiting for my person to come pick you up.

And then you fly again
Free like a bird
And I give chase
Until you come to nestle amongst the flowers once more.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fierce hunter CAT!

It is I, JACK CAT!

I has stolen the blog from the stinky thing called dog.

Why? Because I, JACK, is stealthy. I, JACK, is fierce hunter. I, JACK, will pop out and I will catch your toes! Watch out humans! Watch out, stinky thing called dog!

Mwa hah hah!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My yard

Oh yard!

You have grass so green!
Grass for rolling in
Grass for eating
Grass for sleeping on
Grass for peeing on.

You have flowers so pretty!
Flowers for the people
Flowers for the bees
Flowers to make the sun shine.

You have Oak Tree so tall!
Oak Tree for running circles around (whee!)
Oak Tree to make sticks for chewing
Oak Tree to give shade.

You have chickens so squawky!
Chickens make eggs
Enough said.

You have sunshine so warm!
Sunshine for lying in
Sunshine for warm fur
Sunshine for happy dog.

I love you, oh yard.

Oh yard, you are fabulous. You -


Hey Squirrel! Get out of my yard!
Yeah, I'm talking to you!

Oh yard.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What happens to Spring when it goes?

I can see the whole city from up here...

And I wonder...Where does Spring go when it's no longer Spring? What happens to the flowers and the bees and the warm-but-not-too-hot sunshine?
I think Summer comes next. I can feel it waiting, getting ready to come in the warm wind and the bright beating sun. But then Spring will be gone, and I think I will feel a little bit sad. I very much love the Spring... The wet, cool grass. The smells of the creatures waking up after winter. The way that my person walks and walks for hours, and the little stops we make along the way to hang out in Nature. The, of course, the fact that Nature is not making it too hot, nor too cold. Spring is pretty much perfect.
So I guess I will just enjoy Spring while it's here!
Isn't life wonderful??