Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What is this for?

I don't read people-writing very well, but the cats tell me that this thing has my name on it. I wonder what it is for?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Looks like a tree...

The thing in the living room that looks like a tree but smells like plastic has all sorts of funny lights on it. It also has things that look like they might be good for chewing. But my people tell me to do Leave It. They also tell the cats to do Leave It, although the cats don't listen as well as I do.

Momma B, why do you always make me do these silly poses?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sniffing Momma C

Today I had to find Momma C by sniffing.

A few confusing things happened. Once there was another dog. Another time a man-person walked past. His scent was freshest, so I started to follow him. But Momma B said "not there, over here", and kept pointing at the ground. Then I heard Momma C call my name in the bushes. This helped me remember, and I went and found her instead.

Momma C ran away with the treats four times. The last time Momma C ran away she hid in a really fun spot behind a big tree where deer sleep. I found her right away, and then I sniffed the deer and other animals too.

When I found Momma C she shared the treats. Beef and salmon again. Very tasty.

Afterward we went for a walk in the forest. I stayed close to Momma C so that she wouldn't sneak off again.

And then she played with me. That was fun too!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

End of winter?

Yesterday it was winter. Today it is not winter. The air is warm. The sun feels warm on my fur. And this is all that's left of the snow.

Is winter over? Or is Nature having a break?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sniffing Day

Today was Sniffing Day again.

But before Sniffing I met a new friend. We were in the same forest as last week, only this time there was lots of snow on the ground. We found a dog named Keeper. Once again Keeper knew my person. How does my person know all these dogs that I've never met?

Keeper is a puppy, but she is a very polite puppy. We had a wonderful play.

And then something even better happened. Keeper's person and my person decided that we would all walk together! So we ran and sniffed and played all the way along the trail. I am the big dog, so I showed Keeper many things. She followed me around. I'm sure I was a good example for her.

Then it was time for Keeper to go. Very soon we found huge-black-intimidating-dog, whose name is Molly, and then we found Simon and his person too. When Leader came I had to wait in the car while Simon took a turn Sniffing.

Then it was my turn. I think I was supposed to be following Simon's person, but I didn't know why I should bother when I was next to my person and everything was fine.

Then Simon's person took our treat pouch. It was full of roast and salmon. So I had to go find her to get it back. Simon's person was very happy when I found her hiding behind a tree and shared things from the pouch. So I found her a few more times. I liked this.

I also liked the snow. It made the smell easy to follow. I only got lost a few times.

But I didn't like how my person covered my eyes while Simon's person snuck off with our treats. Hello - a little help protecting the treats here please! Also, I didn't like it when my person got too far behind me. When I am Sniffing, I like to have her closer. Leader told her to stick with me. This was good.

Leader says we need to practice.

The snow today was wonderful, but it is too warm and the snow is going away. More snow please!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

White world

This morning when I woke up the world looked like this.

My littlest person was very sad. She wanted to play in the snow, but she had to go to the place she calls "school". I felt the same. I did not want to get in the truck. I wanted to stay and play.

I like to sniff under the snow and dig with my paws. And I like this game.

But we only got to play for a little while before my people made me go in the truck. I was in the truck a lot today.

I am trying to be a Good Dog, really I am. But I also really wanted to play in the wonderful snow. In the middle of the day when Momma C took me back to the place where she does the thing called "work", I decided to go to the park instead. Momma C was not happy with this. I guess I am a Bad Dog again.

Why can't I just play in the snow?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bad Dog

Dear Rudolph,

Last night Jacobi was a Bad Dog.

- Momma B

No magic dot?

In the middle of the night I woke up. I wondered if the magic dot was outside waiting to play with me. I made whine noises. My people woke up and Momma C let me out of the crate and into the back yard in case I "had to go". I searched. No dot. She put me back in my crate. So I made more whine noises.

Momma B took me outside again. She worried that maybe my tummy felt funny. This time I searched for a very long time. I still couldn't see the dot, but if the dot is truly magic, it could appear any time.

Momma B asked me to do Come. I did. I got treats. Then she tried to put me back into my crate. I didn't want to go back into my crate. She picked me up and put me in my crate. I made more whine noises. I wanted to look for the dot! Where is the magic dot?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The magic dot

Tonight we went to the park. It was dark and cold. The moon was out. There were bits of snow on the ground. I sniffed and I dug and I sniffed some more.

And then the dot came out.

I ran and ran, and my fur got covered in snow. Cocoa and Charlie came. Cocoa wanted to chase the dot too, but she had to stay on her leash. I chased some more.

I always thought that the dot came from my person. But perhaps it is magic.

When we got home tonight my person went inside. I stayed in the yard. Suddenly the dot was there. I chased. The dot stopped. I looked around. No person. Then the dot started again. I think maybe my person asks it to come out and play, but sometimes it sneaks out on its own.

When the dot stopped and I went inside, Momma C did something funny to my toes. I wonder why Nature made tickles?

Monday, November 22, 2010

This is snow

This morning it was cold but dry. And then it wasn't. But the wetness wasn't rain. It was cold and white.

My friend Katy loved it - she played and played like a little puppy. I wasn't sure what to do.

And then I remembered. This is snow!

Deep inside my body, the part of me that gives me thick fur and a curly tail remembered what to do with snow. Oh yes!

I ran. I played. I dug. I rolled. I ate the snow. I sniffed the snow. I sniffed under the snow. I skidded. I chased snowballs. I ate snowballs.


Outside the wind is very strong and very cold. Inside it is warm. I go outside, I play, then I come in and get warm. And then I go out again.

Thank-you Rudolph. This is snow!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Even colder day

Today it is even colder outside. But I still got my walk. We went to Mt. Doug. I met a new friend. We had many good chases, and then we hung out together and sniffed. I liked her company. And running lots kept me from getting too cold.

Even the sun didn't put any warmth on my fur today.

And one more thing... There is something wrong with the puddles. The water seems to be stuck. I cannot drink out of this.

Now we are home. There are wonderful smells in the kitchen. My people tell me this is "roast". I will wait nicely in my crate for this "roast".

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Very cold day

Today it was very cold outside. Nature was also making a cold wind. We went to the UVic dog park but didn't stay long. Momma B got too cold. But that's okay. I had a good run with lots of dog friends.

The first friend we met was Simon! We headed out into the middle the field, and then suddenly there he was! He was much more fun off leash when he was allowed to run and play.

Then Dave came. Dave and Simon did not like each other. Dave didn't like me when I was little either. So Simon's people took him home, and then I got to play with Dave.

Then I met this friend. We chased long across the field.

And then it was time to go home! It wasn't long play but it was fun. And I'm still tired from yesterday.

Something else is happening in our house right now. Things got moved around, and now there is something in the living room that looks like a tree. But it doesn't smell like a tree. It smells like plastic. I wonder what this is all about?

Friday, November 19, 2010


I think today is a Friday, but we did not go to the beach. No more beach Fridays. Instead we went to the forest. This forest was new for me. It was wonderful. There were lots of hills to climb and jump off, and the moss was spongy under my paws. I ran and ran and ran.


After having a good run and walk in the forest, my person followed the people-writing-signs back to the place called Parking Lot. Then things got a little bit strange. First there were other dogs. There was one very large dog who scared me a bit because she was big like a bear. Her person called her Molly. And one young dog who I've met before. His name is Simon. His energy was too crazy for me, especially because his person made him stay on a leash and so he pulled and jumped and tugged. He is still a puppy.

Here is Simon.

My person put me in the car and left. She came back and left and came back and left many times, but I had to stay in the car. The other dogs came and went with all the people. When they were left behind in their cars they barked a lot to tell their people to come back. Not me. I'm a good dog. (See Rudolph. No barking. Good dog here.)

Finally it was my turn. Do you see the funny orange harness that Simon is wearing. My person put one just like it on me. A new person I'd never met before was the leader. She told us to walk across the road and into a different part of the forest. Molly's person and Simon's person (who I have met before, she is called Trainer) fed me tasty treats. Cheese and meat and something called tortellini. They talked happy to me. This was very nice.

But then when I turned around my person was gone!

This was a bit worrisome, but not too much. The people must have forgotten that I have a most excellent nose. I could smell the place where my person had been. In fact she had been there before earlier, several times. But there was a fresh smell leading in the direction where she just went off to.

Leader stood behind me and clipped a very long leash onto my funny orange harness. She told me to find my person. Okay! Just watch me. I can do that.

I put my nose on the ground and found her smell. Leader told me "good dog!" (see Rudolph!) and made the leash loose. Carefully I followed the trail where my person had gone. And I showed those silly people. I found her! She was hiding behind a tree. She had lots of meat for me and told me that I was very clever. Yes I am.

And then it happened again. The other people fed me goodies while my person snuck off. But that's okay, because my most excellent nose had no problems finding her. This happened several times in a row. Once I found my person with my eyes. She was wearing a blue jacket and was very easy to see in the woods. But even when I couldn't see her I could still find her with my nose.

I did get stuck once. I lost her smell. I knew she was around somewhere, but I just wanted her to come back. Why did she keep leaving me? I made some whine noises. Leader helped me find her smell again and off we went. I am very clever.

Finally my person stopped sneaking off. The people all talked for a while. I sniffed. I found the place again where my person had been hiding. I found the place where Simon had peed. I wonder if his person ran away from him too? I found the place where Molly's person had dropped something yummy by accident. I found a squirrel track. I found where the people had walked earlier. My nose is most excellent.

Finally we went back in the car and we drove home. It's nice to be inside. It was very cold outside, and I got a bit shivery waiting in the back of the car for my person. Also I am very, very tired. Using my nose is hard work. So now I sleep.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Jacobi

Dear Jacobi,

Don't worry, Santa Claus has time for all members of the family, even the four-legged ones.

It sounds like you have indeed been a good dog this year. The elves who were keeping an eye on the child in your house spotted you doing some good things. They saw you waiting quietly in your crate for your dinner, they noticed you behaving respectfully towards the cat named Jericho, and they caught you playing fun games with your family members.

I snuck a peek in Santa's office and your name is up at the top of the Good Dog List. To keep it up there, you should consider taking a break from chasing the cat named Jack. Also, perhaps you could try a little harder not to bark so much in the house when people are coming or going.

I'm sure we can make your Chrismtas wishes come true. As long as the bone is not from a reindeer I will be happy to deliver it. And I always love bringing toys to those that enjoy them. Perhaps something that squeaks?

Please ask your people to put out a carrot or some oats for me.

Reindeer kisses,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Rudolph

Dear Rudolph,

My littlest person wrote a letter to Santa. I'm not sure Santa has time for letters from dogs so I am writing to you instead.

This year I have been a Good Dog. I listen when my people ask me to do Sit, Lie Down, Stay, Wait and Leave It. I now go into my crate-den at night right away instead of trying to stay up later. I only ran away a few times, and that was only because I was trying to find my Momma B. I try to walk nicely beside my person instead of pulling on the leash. I don't chew things that aren't mine. I don't always understand what my people ask but I try my best to please them.

So I have been a Good Dog.

For Christmas I would like a bone, a new toy and snow to play in. And I would like my people to be near. That's the most important part.

I promise on Christmas eve I will go into my crate-den extra early and close my eyes. I will not growl or bark when you land on the roof. Remember, I am a Good Dog.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Big wind

There is a big wind outside. And rain. We walked, then I ran in the park in the dark in the rain and the wind. Nature is very powerful tonight.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Whipped cream leftovers

This morning was boring again. In the afternoon I went to UVic Dog Park. I found my friend Albert. We played. I also met a dog named Koda who knew my person, even though I had never met her before. Why does my person know other dogs like this?

Afterward we went to the place called MurrayAndHeathers again. There was pork. And then there was this... Something called "whipped cream leftovers"...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dog chase

I spent this morning on my own. My people were gone for a long time. When they got home I told them that it was time to have fun with me now. I told them this many times.

Finally they listened, and after lunch I got to have fun. I went somewhere to chase many dogs. I haven't chased dogs in a while. This was fun, and very satisfying.

This does not belong to Nature.

Chasing this afternoon was fun. Whee!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Knuckle bone

I am very pleased with my knuckle bone.

Sunny day on Mt. Doug

Okay, I am all confused about the days. I thought today was going to be Friday, but clearly it wasn't because there was no beach. Instead there was Mt. Doug. This was fine by me. I had an amazing time!

I love climbing, and today we went up and up and up. This makes me feel happy inside, and I can't help but run and jump and play. Whee!

Up top I played games with my littlest person.

It was very sunny. This felt wonderful. Here I am hanging out with Momma B.

This was one of the best adventures ever!