Sunday, May 19, 2019


Happy birthday to ME!
Happy birthday to ME!
Happy birthday to Cobi (that's ME!).
Happy birthday to ME!

Okay, the truth is that the people don't exactly know my exact birthday. Not exactly. But it was around the May long weekend in the year people call two-thousand-and-eight. So I am around eleven years old! Isn't that amazing?!?

We celebrated by going to the BEACH!

It was big-beach time. The water was very far out, leaving us with lots and lots of sand for running on and sniffing on. Even the Beach helped to celebrate! I am sure it did this just for ME!

And also the weather was perfect for ME! It was kind-of-sunny-kind-of-cloudy, so it was not too hot. This was very nice. I'm sure this was for ME too!

Did I mention that I am eleven? But I still zoomed after my Ball! Because I am amazing. And I am very sprightly for my age. And I am celebrating ME!