Sunday, December 31, 2023

New Years Resolutions

Hi hi hi, Ojo here! (Yes, I am still here!)

The humans say this is a New Year about to happen, whatever that means. Pepper and I celebrated by going on a Walk at one of our favourite places.

(Yes, Pepper has slobber on his face. It is from another Dog he met on the trail. It's not mine. I do not slobber.)

I haven't been online much. My paws are a bit arthritic these days, and I prefer using them to run and climb, not to push on the keyboard.

But life is Very Good! I get many Walks and snack and pets. I am happy.

To make things even happier, here are my New Years Resolutions:
  1. Take more naps
  2. Solicit more belly rubs
  3. Eat more bacon
  4. Gain another two pounds
What are your New Years Resolutions, friends?