Friday, August 5, 2011

A very good day

Today was another wonderful day!

Raven spent all night at our house. She slept beside my crate-den in a blanket-nest that my person made for her. The cats were all downstairs so she could sleep without being scared.

Then, when the people started to wake up, we both got to lie on the bed. Raven lay at the bottom of the bed. I lay on top of Momma B. For some reason this made groaning noises come out of Momma B.

Later we went to Dallas Road beach.

This is how you can tell that Raven and I came from the same doggy-mom.

After Beach we drove for a long time. When we got out we were at Raven's house! I looked for her people but they weren't there. We played with a ball in Raven's yard.

Then her people came! Yay! I love Raven's people almost as much as I love my own people. But then something very sad happened. I went home with my person, and Raven stayed behind.

Although, the good thing is that I was able to sleep all afternoon!

This was the best sleep-over ever!

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