Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Portrait of ME! (by Ojo)

Hi! Hi! Hi! Ojo here!

Okay, alright, Cobi has not been entirely grumpy this week. (Only because it's not as hot, but don't tell her I said that.)

While you are busy hearing how Cobi has not been grumpy, I think perhaps you would like to see some pictures of ME? Yes? Of course you do!

Why? Because - I am OJO!!!

So here I am!!

...Aren't I sweet?

Aren't I athletic?

Aren't I stealthy? (That seagull never saw me coming!)

Aren't I cute?

Aren't I brave? (Going deep into the water where Cobi will not follow!)

Aren't I good with Sticks?

Aren't I just awesome??

That is ME! Ojo!

Okay, and Cobi is kind of cool too...

More on not being grumpy

Friends, perhaps you were not convinced. Let me show you how not-grumpy I am!

Our person took us to the Beach! It was great. Many things to smell, much water to wade in, many sticks to chew.

I could have just done my own thing the whole time. But no. I hung out with Ojo. I showed her how to enjoy the Beach. (She is from Alabama, you know. Not many beaches there, or at least not in the part she lived in!)

I am teaching her all I know. Isn't that nice of me? And not grumpy at all.

Monday, August 26, 2013

I am NOT grumpy!

Hey, hang on, wait a sec! In that last post Ojo says I am grumpy! I am not grumpy!

I will prove to you that I am not grumpy!

Here is me sharing my very best Dog friend in the whole wide world - Simon!

Not only that, but one of Simon's people had FOOD! Do I look like I am not sharing? Do I look like I am grumpy?

NO, I do not!

(Dogs from left to right are ME, Dixie, Simon, Ojo, and Brody's bum. This is not a very good picture of Simon. Really, he is the most handsome Dog in the world. And I SHARED HIM!! NOT GRUMPY!!)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hi! Hi! Hi!

Ojo here! Cobi has been hot and grumpy, so fine - I will do the posting to her blog!

Did you know that I am "lovely"? This is what Vet said today when she looked at my body. I am a lovely weight! I have a lovely form! I have a lovely temperament! (What does that mean?) But I do agree with the word "lovely"!

Aren't I lovely? Yes I am!

You know what else is lovely? Squirrels! There are squirrels in our tree! Squirrels are lovely. I love squirrels. Lovely.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ojo here!

Hi! Hi! Hi!

It's me! Ojo! I am borrowing Cobi's blog!

Well, actually, the word "borrow" suggests that she is lending it to me...
She is not. She is sleeping. I couldn't wake her up now, could I?

But I have never blogged before. Isn't this fun! I love new things!
Except if they sound like loud machines. I don't like loud machines.
And I don't like when the ground moves under my feet, like a dock on the water.

But other new things are great! Things like running in tall grass! And playing with toys! And training with my people! And sniffing moles under the ground! And having a warm bed every night and not having to live in the place called "shelter"! And having people of my own! And... well... everything!

I just love life!!

Even my name is new! Did you know I used to be called Willhemena? Ojo is much better, don't you think? Much more bouncy. Like me!

I have to tell you something though. Cobi is a little grumpy sometimes.
There, I said it.
Sometimes she chases me and tells me off. Sometimes she gets in my way. Sometimes she is a little bit mean. Sometimes I think she is trying to have fun, but she doesn't know how. Isn't that too bad?

I think maybe it is because she is middle-aged. That is practically Old. But don't tell her I said so.

But I will not say anything more bad about Cobi, because Cobi is my new dog sister. And she shares her people with me. Her people are wonderful! They have good food! They give lots of pets! They take me on amazing Walks! They play with me! They have ice cream!

I love my new people! (That I share with Cobi.)

I try very hard to be a Good Dog for them. I do not want to go back to Shelter. But you know what? It's been a very long time now. It must be six weeks since I came to live with these people, and I do not think they are sending me back. Hurray! I'm finally starting to feel safe.

Isn't that amazing? I must be a Very Good Dog!!

Or maybe I'm just cute!! Did I mention that life is wonderful?!?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Driving in the thing called Car

We've been doing much driving in Car. Now that Ojo is with us there is less space. Don't they know that I am supposed to get most of the back seat?

The people told me "Sit", so I did. Yes, my bum is on top of Ojo. Is that my problem? I think not!

Being in Car sucks. But I guess Ojo's not so bad... At least not as long as I get most of the back seat! (I need to spread out to sleep, you know!) (Move over, you two!)


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Adventures in the Park - On Dead Rabbits, Rolling in the Grass, and Wasps

Today we went to the special Park that has grasses and bushes and trees and paths to walk along.

Some things happened:

Ojo found a dead rabbit and had a snack.

Brody came with us. He felt very happy in the Sun and so he played in the grass.

My person worries that we're not going to be allowed to Walk with him again because he is supposed to be calm on Walks and not hurt his body. This is because he is Old.

But Brody was not calm, so maybe we are in trouble with Brody's people. But I think he was just happy, and that's good enough!

We found berries. We also found wasps. So we moved on and did not get all that many berries.

More fun in the Park again soon, please! But no more wasps. And no more dead rabbits. Thank-you.