Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

It is Halloween!

Here is what I know about Halloween:

One: The people put funny things on our bodies. These are called "costumes". They are also called "uncomfortable".

Two: They make scary faces out of squash.

Three: If we do Tricks we get Treats! But did I mention they make us wear funny things while we're doing it?

The good news is that it is almost BONE time!

Soon small people will come to our door. They will be dressed in funny things. They will ask for tricks-or-treats, or something like that. All these small people in funny clothing would require much bark-bark-barking!

Cobi will Bark because she is scared. I will Bark because I love kids!!

But the people don't want bark-bark-barking, so they will put us in the very back of the house, and we will get BONES! This makes up for everything else silly about this day. I can't wait for BONE time!

Happy Halloween, friends! Stay safe tonight!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Oh Fall! (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

Oh Fall!

You are not too hot and not too cold!
You are sometimes rainy and sometimes sunny!

You bring many busy squirrels! (Yay!)
You bring many puddles for drinking from!
You bring many smells of rotting things! (Also yay!)
You bring many leaves on the ground!

The whole world is changing around me!
I love your squirrels, and your rotting things!
I love to be outside when you are here!

Oh Fall!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Quiet fall fog

The world was magical this morning.

The air was very still. There were tiny droplets of water hanging all around us, and these water droplets carried many different scents and smells, but no sound. It was very quiet.

There were birds, but they were very quiet. Just a flap-flap-flap of wings, and that was all.
Even the bunnies and squirrels were tucked away, hiding, quiet.

I wonder where the water droplets in the air came from?
I wonder why the birds were so quiet?
I wonder why the air was so still?

Fall, we never knew you could be so beautiful!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Still wet

It is still wet.

On our Walk we went to one of my favourite places in the whole world. My people call this place "Cobi's Rock", because I love it so much.

Even if the people are walking around it, I always climb this place! All on my own! And I stand on the top, and I just breathe. I love this place.

The people say my ashes will go here when I have walked the Bridge, although I hope that will be a long time from now.

So I was very happy to be on Cobi's Rock. But not so happy about the Wet.

Ojo does not care. Sometimes I wish I was more like Ojo. I want to not-care about being yucky-wet-with-raindrops-in-the-eyes too.

But I suppose it was worth it - visiting Cobi's Rock is always amazing!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Temperate rain forest

Friends, you may have been fooled by all of the sunny photos we've posted recently. And we have indeed had a very nice Fall!

But it's important to know that we live in what the people call Temperate Rain Forest.

Rain. Forest.

As you can see, the Rain does not bother Ojo at all. We were worried, when she first came from Alabama to live with us, that she might not like the rain. But I do not think she notices.

Me? I notice.

I like the coolness of Fall, but I would prefer Fall-cool-with-sunshine, thank-you-very-much! This rain is kind of yucky. How much longer is it going to rain for? Wait, how many months did you say???

Monday, October 10, 2016

Thankfulness and Beach! (by Ojo)

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

Where we live, today is Thanksgiving!

I am very thankful for many things...

I am thankful for the turkey that cooked in our oven last night!
I am thankful for my toys that go squeak, and even for the ones that don't!
I am thankful for my bowl that fills up with food twice a day!
I am thankful for my comfy-warm-donut bed, and my cosy crate-den that I sleep in at night!

I am thankful for the people who saw me in shelter and decided I should move to Canada to live where there are amazing Beaches!

I am thankful for the sun that warmed our fur this morning!
I am thankful for the crazy, spongy, smelly seaweed that I played in on our amazing Beach this morning!

I am thankful for my people, who give me love and take me on adventures every single day!
I am thankful for Cobi, who is grumpy sometimes but who mostly loves me, and who protects me from things that are mean and scary!

I am thankful for my legs that run fast!
I am thankful for my feet that spring me into the air!
I am thankful for my body that is strong and swift!

I am thankful to be alive on this sunny day! And I am thankful that there is more turkey in the fridge for dinner tonight!

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian friends. What are YOU thankful for?

Friday, October 7, 2016

Monday, October 3, 2016

Not allowed, then allowed

There is something called September, and then there is something called October. In September, Dogs are NOT ALLOWED on the Beach called Willows. But in magical October, Dogs ARE allowed.

I'm not sure about this September-October thing, but the good news is that the people have decided it's October, so we got to go to the Beach called Willows!

The Beach called Willows is long and full of people and other Dogs. There were rocks today, but often (when Beach is either bigger or smaller because of the thing called "tide"), we have nothing but sand under our paws.

Nature was making mostly-sun. It was hot-in-sun-cool-in-shade, and also cool-in-water. We waded, and chased sticks, and sniffed the breeze. This was a perfect Walk!

Please say it's going to stay October and we can come back again soon?