Saturday, June 29, 2013


Today Summer arrived. Our people took us to the beach!!

My littlest person thought Ojo might want to learn how to swim, so she helped her get comfortable in deeper water. Not me. I do not swim.

My littlest person thought that Ojo might want to learn how to fetch sticks in the water. Not me, I do not fetch.

But Ojo thought she might like to.

We made a new dog friend. Her name was Lucy.

After all that running and playing and wading (and not-swimming and not-fetching on my part; I supervised), we were very tired Dogs.

But then something wonderful happened...!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Something happened...

This is the visitor who isn't going away.

At first I thought we were just borrowing her, that she was just visiting. But it's been almost a week now. I think perhaps she isn't going home! Doesn't she know that this is my house? That these are my people? That the orange dude is my toy?

What is she doing here???

Wait - what's that?

My person says that she doesn't have a home. That she was what the people call a "stray", and then she lived in the place called "shelter". My person says that she is Rescue Dog. That she comes from a land far away called Alabama where there aren't enough homes for Dogs, and many Dogs go over the Rainbow Bridge too early just because they don't have people.

My person says that because she is black no one wanted to give her a home. (What's wrong with black?)

I was Rescue Dog once, before my people found me.

I once did not have a home.

I wonder... perhaps we can give her a home?

Besides, she fetches.


Friends, this is Ojo. She lives with us now.

(And she is not as big as she looks in this photo. I am the larger Dog. Yes I am.)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My extreme athletic prowess

Something wonderful happened!

Please admire my extreme athletic prowess as I smite the water droplets from the thing called "hose".

Today Nature was making Hot. We went for a Walk, but I was very dusty and slow. So my person bought something called "nozzle" on the way home. When she put this on "hose", it made amazing things happen!

I think I killed it.

Whew, that's better. How do you stay cool in the summer?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Snuggle bunny

Something wonderful happened!

I found my Snuggle Bunny!

My littlest person gave me my Snuggle Bunny when I first came to live with my people. I was a very little puppy then. I walked all wobbly and my collar was very small, and I didn't even know how to Sit yet. But I knew how to snuggle, and I loved Snuggle Bunny right from the start. I slept with him at night, and cuddled with him during the day.

And then he went away. I thought he was gone forever.

But suddenly - he came out again! He had been in the closet all this time!! I will keep a close eye on him from now on. I never want him to go away again. I love my Snuggle Bunny!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Agility Dogs!

Yesterday I went with my people to a big field. There were many dogs there with Jobs. My Job was to greet people at a table with my person, and be a good ambassador.

These Dogs had a different Job - they are in lessons with Trainer, and they had to show everyone just how swift and agile they were!

Okay, I do have a confession to make though. I was much more interested in watching these Dogs run and jump and fly than I was hanging out at my person's table. I may have sat as close to them as I could, at the very end of my leash. I may have watched them closely. I may have done little-whines. Just a little bit.

And I watched and watched and watched.

But can you blame me? Aren't they amazing?

And then, guess who came out?


Isn't he dark and handsome? And very athletic. Dreamy Dog Sigh.

I was very, very, very patient, and after a very, very, very long time the Dogs finally finished jumping, and the people finished talking, and then, finally - I got to play with Simon!

Have I mentioned that Simon is my very best Dog-friend in the whole wide world? (And he's handsome too.) (And he fetches.) (And he lets me chase when he fetches.) (I love Simon.)