Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Hi friends, Ojo here! 

Long time, no sniff! I blame my person for this. It is not my fault, it is clearly hers. Here are some updates on ME!

We moved! 

New House has the following Happy Things: A large sliding glass door for me to look outside! A sun puddle by the large sliding glass door! A deck for snoozing on! A small Yard with bushes to crawl under and critters to chase! Many Dog Beds! A Human Bed that I am allowed to lie on!

There is also a Couch that I am NOT allowed to lie on. I am working on this.

Nature seems to be making Summer! I like to sleep in the grass in the sunshine.

Did I mention that I like to sleep in the grass in the sunshine? (Why does my person keep taking pictures of me sleeping in the grass in the sunshine?)

I still get Walk every day! Sometimes two times a day! I also get to visit my human grandpawrents a lot! This means I get more Walks! And more Snacks! And more cuddles!

My life is happy! 

I've missed you all, friends. How have you been doing?