Sunday, July 31, 2011

TRuth abouT dog, by THE CATS

TRuth about dog: doG stinKy. dog drOOL. dog stOOpid. dog roll in pOO. dog rOLL in dead dUCk. dog BELieve toys real. dog OKay with WEt feet.

dog think tOYs best ever. dog think fOOD best ever. dog tHink wALK (even with stOOpid Leash) best ever. dog think hUmans best ever.

truth aBout CATS: CATS smArt (steal dog bLOG!). CATS athletic. CATS beautiful. CATS PURR. CATS knoW humans just silly cREAtures who bring fOOD and live to pet CATS.

you hUmans pet CATS NOW!

ahem. MEOW.

so which YOU rather have? bEAUTiful CAT? (that's ME, JACK!)


why drag ME, JERICHO into this? i know i beautiful.

or this Thing, dog who SNores?

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