Friday, July 29, 2011

Something wonderful!

This morning something wonderful happened!

Momma B took me to a place where people park their cars. Nearby was the forest, and I could smell a lake too. We waited in the hot sun. I didn't know why we were waiting. I wanted to go play in the forest!

After what felt like a very long time (Momma B says "five minutes", I think that's a long time!) another car came. We walked towards it. Suddenly I realized - I know that car!

I started jumping up and down, and making whine noises, and pawing at the car. Let me in! Let me in!

Guess who was in the car?

This was the most wonderful surprise ever, even better than ice cream!

Raven is my sister and my best friend.

Raven's person was there too. We all went for a walk together around the lake.

What a wonderful morning!!

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