Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Contrary Dog

Tonight I was Contrary Dog.

When Momma B put down my dinner, I lay on my mat instead of eating. When Momma B gave me food from the table, I spat it out on the floor. Later, when Momma B asked me to settle in the kitchen, I snuck over and ate my dinner.

On our way to the park tonight, when Momma B tried to jog with me I moved as slowly as I could behind her. Then when she slowed down asked me to walk beside her instead, I pulled forward and walked as fast as I could.

At the park, when Momma B called me I ran off to play with Whiskey. So she went over to stand with Whiskey's person, and I went to play with Klondike. When she wandered over to Klondike's people, I decided to chase Phoebe. Then when she was talking to Phoebe's person I went to the other side of the park to chase Nova.

I'm not sure why Momma B follows me around. Usually I like this because I like to be close to Momma B, but tonight I was Contrary Dog.

I don't know why I felt like Contrary Dog tonight. I just did. Maybe it's because of the heat Nature is making.

Later, after the park and after my dinner, I went to find Momma B. We had a cuddle. I licked her face.

I'm sorry Momma B. I'm not Contrary Dog anymore.

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