Sunday, July 3, 2011

My cow goes Moo-awh

Today we went to Dallas Road. I made some new friends.

There were many people and dogs gathered together. Lots of the dogs had funny things on their bodies. I had a funny thing too that my person called "bandanna".

Momma B took me to where the loud music and people were. A woman-person wearing very colourful people-clothes asked what my name was. Momma B told her. Then she asked me to do Weave and Poof and Bow. The people all around made clapping noises.

Momma B gave me meat. The colourful-woman-person gave me a toy cow.

My cow makes a funny "mooo-awh" sound when I bite it.

Later we went down to the beach. It was very windy. The water felt nice on my hot paws.

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