Friday, July 15, 2011

Little person lost and found

Many days ago I went for a drive in the truck with Momma C and my littlest person. We got out at a forest. We joined a large crowd of people. Then we got back in the truck.

It was only when we got home that I realized we had forgotten something...

My littlest person!! She was left behind in the forest!!!

The rest of my people didn't seem worried. Many days went past. I wasn't too worried either because sometimes my littlest person disappears like this. Nonetheless, I checked for her every day, but each day her smell got less strong around our house.

This morning started off very well. I got to stay with Momma B, who took me to a lake. Nature was making clouds, but the air was warm and damp by the lake. There was no wind, but lots of interesting lake smells.

There were even crazy people swimming in the lake. I don't know why people and some dogs like to swim. I don't swim. Wet bellies feel yucky.

But back to my story.

After the lake we got in the car and drove some more. When we got out we were by another lake, in another forest. This was the place where we'd lost my littlest person many days ago!!

Someone told Momma B to put me on a leash. She did, but I pulled and pulled to get over the hill to where the people were. So she took my leash off again. I ran around the crowd of people, smelling everyone.

And then I found her! My littlest person!

She was sitting up on a fence, which made finding her more difficult, but I still did it! She was very pleased that I had found her and that she was no longer lost.

If I could speak "People", I would have told her that she was easy to find because she hadn't had any of those yucky things called "baths" in a long time. Her smell was strong and not hidden by funny perfumes.

I met some of her people-friends. They gave me pets. Then other people gave me pets.

Then I turned around, and my people were gone!

This was not good. I did a search pattern, back and forth where I had smelled them last, but there were just so many people.

Then I heard my name, and there was my littlest person. It was her turn to find me!

Behind her was Momma B. I stuck my nose on both of them just to make sure. Yes, good, these were my people. Whew.

We got back in the car and came home. Today was a very busy day, and it's only lunch time!

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