Monday, April 29, 2024

I am feeling more ME

Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

Today I am feeling more like ME again!

Earlier, my person was doing the thing called Work Meetings, and I poked and poked and poked her until she left Work Meetings and came to play with ME instead! (I am very good at poking!)

I still don't get to go in Car (my person says this is because I won't lie down when Car is moving), and I still only get Very Short Walks. Pepper continues to be a Good Friend by taking my person Walking when his family doesn't need him, or when they can all go together.

I wish I could go on these Walks with Pepper and my person. I hope I get to do this again soon!

(My person is saying sixteen-and-a-half more weeks. Is that a long time?)

In the meantime, at lunch I got to lie outside with my person. (After hanging out with my Grandpaw for a bit!) I sniffed the air, and I rolled, and then I lay on my back to enjoy the sun on my belly and the cool grass underneath. This was a happy way to spend lunch.

How's your day going?


Millie and Walter said...

You do look happier today, Ojo. We hope you can get back to your regular life soon.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Thatis a long time, Ojo, but when you compare it to all the weeks and years you will be albe to run and go hiking once your leg is all healed, it is a very short time. You look quite relaed there in the grass and that is a good thing.

Woos - Misty and Timber

WFT Nobby said...

Hi Ojo,
Gail and I are delighted to learn that you are feeling more you, and you enjoyed such splendid lunch break. But I'm afraid that sixteen-and-a-half weeks does sound like a long time ..

MadSnapper said...

these photos just make my heart SING! you are so very much like my best friend Beau. he does love a good rollabout on floor or grass or dirt and walking/riding is his favorite thing to do. He doesn't move in the car, so that is different. to you 16 weeks will be a long time. to me as an old person it is a blink of an eye. I am just so very happy to see you are doing so well and able to roll and go outside during lunch. Beau is an excellent POKER of humans also... Keep on rolling and poking. Love you Ojo

Duke said...

I am loving these happy photos of you, Ojo! You will get there - you just have to have a lot of patience.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

You are very good at poking Ojo and so many other things too! I love the sweet photos - And I'd love to spend my lunchtime in the grass with you and your person too, it's a great time of year!! Enjoy the rest of your week! ❤❤

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

It is good to see you so active.

Huskies622 said...

My goodness, we love to see you happy and smiling and rolling in the cool grass! And your human didn't need to work anyway, their job is to keep Ojo happy, right?

Gemma's person said...

Good smiles. Happy for you to be healing! and feeling good.

Juno said...

Hi Oji! Glad to hear you feel like YOU. You look very happy and healthier! Poking during meeting is fun, isn't it? I always bark and say hello to my mom's colleagues via Zoom meeting. hehe..


Kten said...

Dearest cousin Ojo, We think 16.5 weeks sounds like a very, very long time. However, when you have toys and good people, we are sure it will go by much faster. Keep following the vet's orders! Cousin Lee and Handsome Phod