Saturday, May 12, 2012

A very good day

Today was a very good day.

At first when I got out of my crate-den I was worried. Usually I have four days at Office, then three days at home with Momma B. This morning was supposed to be a Momma B day, but it started off like an Office day. All of my people were up early being stressed and busy.

But then things changed. We all got into Car together. Car drove and then stopped. Momma C and my littlest person said "bye" and got out. And then...

Momma B took me to Beach!

Beach was wonderful. Nature was making sun but no wind. Momma B called the air "crisp". There weren't very many other dogs or people, just me and Momma B.

After Beach I had raw-beef-bone while Momma B went away to play with other dogs. I know she played with other dogs because I could smell them when she got home. But Bone was worth it.

Then we got in Car again and went to visit what I thought was a new place. But when I went inside it smelled very familiar. It smelled like other dogs and safe people and family.

My person said that this was where I lived when I was a very little puppy, even before my people became my people!

Momma B says I looked like this. But this can't be me. My ears do not flop like that!

I was very happy to be at this safe-good-place

And then...

We got go for another Walk at Lake!

By the time we got home I was very tired and I slept in my bed. We had dinner. After dinner we got back in Car again. When we got out we were near the ocean, but there were also lots of people-buildings and big metal birds. We walked around in Nature's sun and I smelled the ocean and all of the food people had dropped.

Then I heard my name being called.

It was Momma C! I ran to her and had big-pets.

We all got in Car and went home again. Now I am very tired. Can we go to bed yet?

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