Friday, May 4, 2012

I keep watch

The cat named Keisha did not come home last night.

This morning my person put me in Car. I was very excited, because Car takes us to fun places. But today Car made a mistake. Car stopped at terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-place-called-vet.

My person took me inside. My whole body started to shake.

Have I mentioned that the place called Vet is Terrible, Horrible, No Good and Very Bad? Bad things happen there. Even when there is yummy food, the bad things are still worse.

They did something to me that I will not tell you about. It was very uncomfortable. But at least it didn't hurt. I was still very scared though. Lots of my fur came out and stuck to my person.

Then my person put me back in Car and gave me Dog Cookie.

She was gone for a long time.

When she came back she had the cat named Keisha in the little crate-den. The cat named Keisha got to come home with us.

However, there is something very strange with the cat named Keisha. She smells funny. She is still wearing the funny collar. And there are funny things on two of her paws.

She is not very happy either. Even though my person keeps telling me to do Leave It, I keep checking on her. I watch her closely to make sure she is going to be okay.

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