Friday, September 9, 2011

Sniffing day

Today was Sniffing Day!

I haven't had my sniffing harness on in a very long time. I thought Momma B had forgotten how good my nose is. So when she put my sniffing harness on, I worked really hard to show her. She was very pleased with me!

The ground was dusty-dry-not-wet, so the smells didn't stay very fresh. But there wasn't much wind so I just stuck my nose on the place where Leader had walked and I showed Momma B how good I am!

At first I forgot to do Sit to show the people when I'd found something important that Leader had dropped, but then I remembered. I found four things. Leader was very happy. I think she needs to pay closer attention though, because losing four things is pretty silly!

Momma B said this was my longest track ever. When I was done I was hot and tired. I lay down with a stick for a chew break.

I hope we have Sniffing Day again soon!

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