Friday, January 21, 2011

World under water and sniffing day

Today the world was full of water.

And it was raining. And it was muddy.

But it was still very much fun. The water keeps smells fresh for my nose. There were many dogs running and walking and playing. I went fishing for things floating in the water. I like this game.

These are called ducks. There were lots and lots of ducks, and one swan.

My person tells me that the ducks are getting ready to make baby ducks because they are all hanging out in pairs. I wonder how that works?

She also tells me that this means that spring is coming. I hope it comes soon. I am getting tired of the muddy world.

I liked to look at the ducks, but I didn't chase them. I am Good Dog.

Today was also Sniffing Day. I have a confession. When I was following the trail of the person I was supposed to be finding, I could also smell where there were rabbits in the bushes. So I went in and out of the bushes, checking both the smell of the rabbits and the trail of the person who was lost. I can do two things at once! And I still found the person of course.

Leader says "Jacobi's transitions are very good". My person tried to explain this to me. Apparently this means that when the track of the lost person moves from one thing to another, like from bushes to trail, or trail to field, that I don't get lost. I'm not sure why they think I would get lost?

Here is Molly working today. Leader says that Molly is very good at is turns.

And here is Simon.

Simon's person says that next time she will take the big-black-aggressive-eye, also called "camera", and make pictures of me working. So maybe next time I can show you how well I Sniff.

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