Sunday, September 17, 2017

Kongs while Printer-Repair-Man was here

Printer-Repair-Man came the other day. So we got Kongs!

We haven't had Kongs for ever and ever. I don't know why. Clearly our person is stingy.

Our Kongs had something called whitefish-and-salmon-freeze-dried-raw in them. (This was AMAZING!) They also had a big chunk of lamb lung, which was a bit hard to get out, and at the very bottom was melted cheese!

The Kongs happened because this Printer-Repair-Man person came to the house. Usually when people come to the house we wait in the office because this is our safe place. But I guess Printer-
Repair-Man needed to go into the office. And I bark! bark! bark! when things like this happen...

So instead we got Kongs!

And friends, I must admit that I was a terrible watch-dog that day. I did not even bark once when Printer-Repair-Man came to the house because I was too busy with my Kong.

I got Red Kong. It took me thirty-five minutes to get everything out. Ojo got Black Kong, which is harder! It took forty-five minutes of working very hard for her to get it empty!

Perhaps we could invite Printer-Repair-Man over again sometime soon? I would very much like to repeat this Kong experience, please!


C.L.W.STEP said...

I think I might have one of those around somewhere. I'd better start a search!

Duke said...

Whoa - you girls get much better stuffs in your Kongs than I do! Mom better be taking notes on your post!

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Hey! We haven't had kongs in ages either. We're jealous of the fishy bits...And we've had strangers IN our house. We just had to be OUTDOOR dogs.