Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hero Dog and the threat of the horrible-terrible-nogood-verybad-bath

I am Wild! I am Wolf! I am Majestic Dog!

Today we went to Uplands Park. There was water and mud and rocks, and decaying things from Fall and growing things from Spring. I felt very wild today.

My person brought her big-black-eye. She pointed it at many things.

And she kept saying this:
Jacobi, you are in the way. Please move!

What does this mean? What are you looking at, Momma B? Can I see too?

A flower? That's boring.

I cannot hold big-black-eye because my paws are not good for holding people-things. But here is me and my person together.

Wait Momma B... What do you mean I'm in the way again? How am I in the way?

While Momma B played with her big-black-eye, I decided to be Good Dog and stay out of the way. I made friends with Stick instead.

On our way back to Car something happened. My person took us in a different way and we were lost. The ground was very deep mud. There was water too, sometimes halfway up my legs.

My person made many funny sounds. I don't think I'm allowed to write these sounds because they are bad.

But I had fun! I played in the water. I ran back and forth and back and forth making big splashes! I leaped over a raging river! I bravely led Momma B back to where we left Car. I was Hero Dog!

I was also Mud Dog...

Wait... What do you mean by the word "bath"...
You wouldn't put your Hero Dog into the horrible-terrible-nogood-verybad-bath, would you?

Momma B and I reached a compromise. When we got home I had "hose off". Which is yucky, but still better than Bath.

After all, I am Hero Dog! I am Majestic Dog! I am Wild Wolf!

And I am so very happy that Nature is making Spring for us!

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