Monday, December 26, 2011

Rudolph and Santa came!

Yesterday Rudolph and Santa came! I thought I heard them late at night when my people were sleeping, so I closed my eyes and did not bark. I am Good Dog.

It must have been them because then in the morning there were special things for me!

My littlest person helped me find my special presents.

There was Beef Rib, Elk Antler, and raw-hide-candy-cane. Also there was a new tag for my collar that says my name in people writing. It's very special.

The cats helped.

They got presents from Rudolph and Santa too!

The people had many presents, although most of them were boring. Books and clothes and people-games. They also got these funny chairs. I'm not sure that they're meant for dogs...

There was good food all day, but no turkey. My people tells me that the turkey comes tonight. I'm very excited.

Yesterday I also got a wonderful walk at Mount Doug Forest. I played in the mud and ran over the rocks, and we climbed high into the mist.

I thought maybe I saw Rudolph in the sky, so I told him thank-you for the wonderful things, and for having my family at home with me. I love my people most of all.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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