Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dear Rudolph

Dear Rudolph,

My littlest person tells me that the thing called Christmas is coming again. This means that soon you will be visiting our house with your person, who is large and round and makes hohoho noises.

I need to tell you that I have been a Good Dog. I have worked hard for Momma B to learn new things. At the placed called Work, I stay in my bed when Momma C asks and I almost never bark any more.

I did make a mistake and ate some cat poo. I try not to do that anymore, even though it is very tasty. I am also trying not to chase Cats, even though they move very fast.

This year I would like a bone. I would also like a new toy that makes squeak noises when I bite on it. And I would like for my family to be home so we can do fun things together.

If I haven't been a very good dog, at least I have been a little bit of a good dog. So maybe you could bring a little bone?


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